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Are you affected by the closure of the government? Here's how to tell your kids

As the Government judgment extends into his second month with no resolution in sight, how can we talk to our kids about what's going on? Families of government employees found themselves without pay for more than a month, which made… Continue Reading →

FDA Approves New Closure Device for Cardiac Malformation in Preterm Infants

One in ten babies is born premature. Irie Felkner and her twin brother, Judah Felkner, make two. Born 13 weeks before term, they were unable to breathe on their own after birth and had to be ventilated. They were transferred… Continue Reading →

Senators are paid during the closure of the government. Many low-wage entrepreneurs are not. • Good Medical

The partial closure of the government should affect a particularly hard working group … and it is not a member of Congress. Approximately 800,000 government employees have already started running out of paychecks because of the closure of their business… Continue Reading →

How Government Closure Could Affect Your Health •

Food inspections, assessment of the health effects of toxic chemicals and financial assistance for the grocery store – all are services provided by the federal government and are now collapsed by the partial closure of the government. The US Food… Continue Reading →

The health coverage of most federal workers will continue during closure, even in the event of a stoppage of pay •

Licensed federal employees are protesting the federal government's ongoing partial closure at a non-partisan rally on Tuesday at Independence Mall in Philadelphia. Bastiaan Slabbers / NurPhoto / Getty Images hide the legend toggle the legend Bastiaan Slabbers / NurPhoto /… Continue Reading →

Stress and anxiety weigh on government employees as closure continues

The partial shutdown of the federal government affects approximately 800,000 federal employeesmany of which will not receive their paychecks this weekend even as they continue to work. About 51,000 of these employees work for TSA, including Brian Turner, a 27-year-old… Continue Reading →

Government Closure: What Happens to Health Insurance for Federal Employees?

This is a story of Kaiser Health News. Interested in closing the government? Add the government's ruling to ABC's latest news, video and analysis of the government's decision. As the partial closure of the government continues, about 800,000 federal employees… Continue Reading →

Yet another reason to end the closure • Good Medical

On Monday, I spoke about the consequences of the prolonged government shutdown on the country's air transport system: namely its slowdown. The entire system is based on built-in security buffers. Everyone in society knows that TSA's air traffic controllers and… Continue Reading →

Routine food inspections were stopped by the closure of the US government

Routine food inspections are not done because of the partial Government judgmentBut the most risky food controls are expected to resume next week, the Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday. The agency said it was working to bring back about… Continue Reading →

FDA employees think closure could be deadly

The activities of the agency "continue to the extent permitted by law", according to the FDA website, meaning "activities necessary to deal with imminent threats to the security of life and human activities" [are] financed by use carryover funds "…. Continue Reading →

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