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The rare and potentially fatal infection of day care staff encourages parents to keep their unvaccinated children at home

Acute epiglottitis; Lateral view in X-ray imaging. Lateral soft tissue radiography reveals the "thumb sign" indicating an enlarged epiglottis. (Public domain ) A Nebraska nursery asks parents to non-immune Children keep their children at home after one of its employees… Continue Reading →

A better path to universal health care

Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and other countries with similar systems considerably less spend United States. Americans may be concerned that spending cuts reflect the rationing of care, but research has consistently shown that this is not the case. Other high-income… Continue Reading →

Primary care can reduce mortality, but fewer PCPs are available

According to one study, a greater proportion of primary care physicians in the general population is associated with a longer life expectancy and slightly lower cardiovascular, cancer and respiratory mortality. published online yesterday at JAMA Internal Medicine. Yet the supply… Continue Reading →

Diagnosis of osteoporosis, suboptimal care in older men

Veterans, especially men, are often at high risk of hip fracture a large study found that in addition to low rates of additional tests and recommended preventive treatments. Specifically, an abbreviated and validated version of FRAX's risk assessment tool found… Continue Reading →

How CVS Becomes a Health Care Provider Offering a Full Range of Services •

Just after the purchase of Aetna, the CVS chain of pharmacies is transforming itself into a full-service health care provider. The company announced last week that it was testing its new HealthHUB store format in three locations in Houston, Texas…. Continue Reading →

Primary Care Physicians Help Increase Lifespan

New study reveals more primary care physicians prolong patients' lives, but shortage of these doctors is imminent. Why? The researchers noted that fewer medical students choose a career in primary health care, mainly for financial reasons. However, all 10 additional… Continue Reading →

Supply of primary care physicians related to mortality rates

(Good Medical Health) – A study suggests that death rates are lower in US communities with more primary care physicians than in areas of the country with fewer doctors. In the United States, the total number of primary care physicians… Continue Reading →

How much will Americans sacrifice for good health care? • Good Medical

Nearly 10 years have passed since the adoption of the Affordable Care Act, one of the most radical reforms in the country's health history. The law has reduced the number of uninsured people in America to an unprecedented level, secured… Continue Reading →

The cost of medical care triggers this dangerous trend • Good Medical

Medical care is a burden for Americans of all ages, to the point that it is the primary source of personal bankruptcy filing in the country. But fears related to exorbitant health care bills are pushing many Americans to do… Continue Reading →

How much will Americans sacrifice for good health care?

Nearly 10 years have passed since the adoption of the Affordable Care Act, one of the most radical reforms in the country's health history. The law has brought the number of uninsured people in America to a All the time… Continue Reading →

Studies suggest that immunotherapies may alter kidney cancer care

"This is proof of principle that we can do this if the drugs are in the same class and tolerated when combined," said Dr. Toni Choueiri, director of the Lank Center for Genitourinary Oncology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute / Brigham… Continue Reading →

The socialized reality of health care exposed: 30,000 deaths due to record length of waiting times in hospitals • Good Medical

Written by Mac Slavo via, NHS (National Health Services) officials responsible for socialized health care in the UK said that wait times in hospitals have reached record lengths. Waiting times in the A & E departments in England last… Continue Reading →

A patient from a retirement home "rotten to death" under the care of a nurse, a manager from Ohio • Good Medical

A grand jury from Franklin County has indicted seven people who worked as nurses in 2017 at the Whetstone Gardens and Care Center in Columbus, Yost said at a press conference. The defendants face 34 counts including manslaughter and negligence… Continue Reading →

Learn more about how geriatrics care for older adults

Just as young patients turn to pediatricians for specialized care, older people can benefit from working with a geriatrician, an internist specializing in the care of older patients. The care is adapted to the age More than half of older… Continue Reading →

Elderly health costs may be moderate, but the need for long-term care may increase • Good Medical

<div _ngcontent-c14 = "" innerhtml = " The surgeon makes a surgeon in the operating room with a blood operation.Getty The pace of medical expenses for seniors is slowing down and a well-respected health economist attributes much of the credit… Continue Reading →

Save veterans health care

For the publisher: Re "Privatize care for veterinarians, "By Anuradha Bhagwati (Op-Ed, February 4): Ms. Bhagwati's problems are unfortunate, but it is not surprising that casual patients in this vast system are experiencing personally unsatisfactory medical experiences. The vast majority… Continue Reading →

5 reasons to try the new skin care line Scentbird

If you're a proud guy, sign up for a grooming appointment. subscription box is obvious for convenience. In terms of perfumes, Scentbird to this cornered market. Now, the company that ships your favorite perfumes directly to your home wants to… Continue Reading →

Hospitals serving more minorities may offer less palliative care

(Good Medical Health) – A study suggests that patients may have less access to palliative care in US hospitals, primarily for minorities. Researchers in the United States have noted in the JAMA Network Open that minorities in the United States… Continue Reading →

Why the next evolution of health care in the world will it be based on a chain of blocks • Good Medical

<div _ngcontent-c14 = "" innerhtml = " Blockchain technology can improve researchers' access to medical data.Pixabay. This distributed ledger technology can improve the safety, efficiency and coordination of health care systems as a response to the aging of existing infrastructures…. Continue Reading →

Every year more than 500,000 American families go bankrupt with health care bills •

A study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that 67% of those declaring bankruptcy were wiped out by medical bills. That's 530,000 families a year, "a figure virtually unchanged since the adoption of the Affordable Care Act… Continue Reading →

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