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Hear Melissa Etheridges new ode to plant medicine, cannabis • Good Medical

Melissa Etheridge proudly declares resilience and personal care on "Faded by Design", the first single from her upcoming album, The salon of medicine. "You want to change me, do not worry, because I can read the signs," she sings over… Continue Reading →

Cannabis use in adolescents related to depression, suicidal thoughts

Cannabis use during adolescence is associated with an increased risk of depression suicidal thoughts / attempts in early adulthood, according to new research. The systematic review and meta-analysis included 11 studies and more than 23,300 adolescents and adolescents. The results… Continue Reading →

In a historic announcement, the World Health Organization (WHO) proposes to remove cannabis from the category of the most dangerous drugs – Good News Network •

After a lengthy review process, international opponents of the "war on drugs" welcome the World Health Organization (WHO) decision to eliminate cannabis from its placement in the drug category for substances the most dangerous. At present, whole plant marijuana and… Continue Reading →

Medicinal cannabis: why did it take so long to reach patients? • Good Medical

Copyright of the image Google Medicinal cannabis was legalized last year, but so far virtually no one in the UK has been able to access it. Now, enough cannabis to treat 30 patients for a month has arrived in the… Continue Reading →

Cannabis use among teens is associated with a higher risk of adolescent depression

LONDON (Good Medical) – Teens who use cannabis are at a higher risk of developing depression and suicidal ideation as young adults and should be informed of the risks by their parents and doctors, scientists said on Wednesday. PHOTO FILE:… Continue Reading →

Cannabis Use Linked to Depression in Adolescents – BBC News •

Copyright of the image Getty Images Experts should not overlook the risks associated with cannabis use among adolescents. British and Canadian researchers said they found "solid" evidence that use of the drug in adolescence increased the risk of developing depression… Continue Reading →

Cannabis pacifier can be a risk for people with heart disease

A report published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology details the case of a 70-year-old man from Canada who tried a cannabis lollipop overnight to relieve his pain and ease his sleep. Shortly after eating most of the cannabis lollipop,… Continue Reading →

Approval of cannabis as a substitute for "irresponsible" opioids

Although two states have passed laws to encourage clinicians to use cannabis as a substitute for opioids, some experts caution against this practice. Two addiction Experts – Keith Humphreys, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University, Palo… Continue Reading →

According to Statistics Canada, the number of cannabis users is relatively unchanged since legalization

The legalization of cannabis does not seem to have much changed the number of people who use it, according to figures released by Statistics Canada. the Statistics Canada Figures released Thursday indicate that about 4.6 million people, or 15% of… Continue Reading →

New York City attacks CBD-based edible products, claiming cannabis derivative is dangerous

[Cequevousdevezsavoirpourbiencommencerlajournée:[Whatyouneedtoknowtostarttheday:[Cequevousdevezsavoirpourbiencommencerlajournée:[Whatyouneedtoknowtostarttheday:Receive New York today in your inbox.] For months, the best-selling product at Fat Cat Kitchen was a biscuit stuffed with chocolate chips, sprinkled with salt flakes and infused with the elegant cannabidiol cannabis derivative, CBD. But starting last week,… Continue Reading →

Conditions treated with cannabis often lack good evidence

According to one analysis, many conditions considered as qualifying conditions for cannabis use under state statutes present no evidence of efficacy or insufficient evidence of their effectiveness. published online February 4 in Health Affairs. Dementia, glaucoma, Hepatitis C, cachexia, irritable… Continue Reading →

Pot for pets? Cannabis products marketed for animals

As several states legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use, the the cannabis industry is booming. Now, some companies even market pet cannabis products. The owner of the pet, Kelly Alto, said that she and her fiance had decided to… Continue Reading →

Weed: a partner of Aurora Cannabis obtains a license from Health Canada | Business Insider •

Barbara Corbellini Duarte / Business Insider Aurora Cannabis jumped more than 9% to $ 8.10 a share on Monday, after announcing that its technology partner, Radient Technologies, had received its standard Health Canada treatment license. Shares are trading at their… Continue Reading →

The World Health Organization recommends reprogramming cannabis and provides clarification on the CBD •

(This is a break story that can be updated as it develops.) Member States of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) have received the recommendations on cannabis from the World Health Organization Expert Committee on Drug Addiction, expected in… Continue Reading →

Israeli cabinet approves law allowing cannabis exports for medical purposes •

By Steven Scheer JERUSALEM (Good Medical) – The Israeli government on Sunday approved a law allowing cannabis exports for medical purposes, which should boost state revenues and the agricultural sector and counter criticism that this would lead to more recreational… Continue Reading →

Israeli Cabinet Approves Law Enabling Exports of Cannabis for Medical Purposes

JERUSALEM (Good Medical) – The Israeli government on Sunday approved a law allowing cannabis exports for medical purposes, which should boost state revenues and the agricultural sector and counter criticism that this would lead to more recreational use of the… Continue Reading →

One year before the legalization of cannabis, Ontarians smoke more

In the year before legalization, cannabis use increased significantly, especially among millennials and those aged 50 and over, according to a long-standing survey. The Center for Mental Health and Addiction (CAMH) survey – called the monitor – shows that the… Continue Reading →

Chronic shortage of legal cannabis in Canada is expected to last for years

The persistent shortage of legal cannabis in Canada could last for years. The imminent legalization of the edible pot will only divert more products from the shelves of empty stores across the country. An industry insider said he expects this… Continue Reading →

Can cannabis cause schizophrenia?

Is it biologically plausible that cannabis can cause a psychotic disorder? Yes. Brain scientists know very little about the underlying biology of psychotic conditions, aside from the fact that hundreds of common genetic variants are probably involved. Schizophrenia, for example,… Continue Reading →

A single cannabis use can alter the brain of adolescents

Using marijuana New research even suggests that once or twice can significantly alter the amount of gray matter (GMV) in many parts of the developing adolescent brain. After analyzing data from a large research program on brain development and adolescent… Continue Reading →

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