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Object: UK legislator blocks bill against female genital cutting

LONDON – A former British Conservative legislator has blocked a bill that would further protect girls exposed to genital mutilation, prompting criticism from across the political spectrum, with some calling it "revolting." And it was not the first time. The… Continue Reading →

Supreme Court blocks the right of abortion clinics in Louisiana

WASHINGTON (Good Medical) – A divided Supreme Court has prevented Louisiana from enforcing the new regulation on abortion clinics, thus putting the conservative court's opinion on the law at the test. to abortion. On Thursday night, in a vote by… Continue Reading →

Why the next evolution of health care in the world will it be based on a chain of blocks • Good Medical

<div _ngcontent-c14 = "" innerhtml = " Blockchain technology can improve researchers' access to medical data.Pixabay. This distributed ledger technology can improve the safety, efficiency and coordination of health care systems as a response to the aging of existing infrastructures…. Continue Reading →

Court of Appeal blocks San Francisco law imposing warnings on ads for soft drinks and sugary drinks •

A federal court of appeal on Thursday blocked an order from the city of San Francisco imposing health warnings regarding ads for sodas and other sugary drinks, claiming that it violated the trade speech protected by the Constitution. The unanimous… Continue Reading →

San Francisco: Federal Court blocks sanitary warnings law for sodas •

A federal appeals court on Thursday blocked a San Francisco law imposing health warnings on advertisements for sodas and other sugary drinks. The decision is a win for the drinks and retail groups who sued to block the order. The… Continue Reading →

US court blocks health warning issued by San Francisco on soft drink ads

(Good Medical) – A US court of appeal blocked a San Francisco law on Thursday imposing health warnings on soft drinks and other soft drinks, allowing the US beverage industry to fight for to defend oneself. The eleven judges of… Continue Reading →

An Arkansas Judge temporarily blocks the billing limits of abortion

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (Good Medical) – A judge temporarily barred regulators from Arkansas from imposing billing restrictions on three abortion providers, citing concerns about the constitutionality of the law on billing. The 2015 law prohibits clinics from charging a patient… Continue Reading →

Federal judge blocks return to contraceptive term • Good Medical

In a series of last-minute decisions on Sunday and Monday, two federal courts blocked the Trump government's removal of the Affordable Care Act's birth control mandate. The new regulation was to come into effect on Monday, but the two court… Continue Reading →

The judge blocks Trump's birth control coverage rules in 13 states, D.C.

OAKLAND, California – An American judge in California on Sunday blocked Trump's rules of administration, which would allow more employers to refuse to provide women with free birth control, in 13 states and in Washington, DC. Judge Haywood Gilliam has… Continue Reading →

Judge blocks 'insidious' reduction of Trump's coverage of women's reproductive rights

In what defense groups hailed as a major victory for women's reproductive rights, a federal judge arrested President Donald Trump last Sunday. try to go back the birth control mandate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 13 states and… Continue Reading →

US judge partially blocks Trump administration's birth control rules

(Good Medical) – A California judge Sunday partially blocked a set of Trump's rules of administration allowing employers to not sign up for health insurance covering women's birth control. US District Judge Haywood Gilliam in Oakland has granted a preliminary… Continue Reading →

Judge blocks Trump's birth control coverage rules in 13 states

An American judge in California Sunday blocked Trump's administrative rules, which would allow more employers to refuse to provide women with free services. birth control, to take effect in 13 states and Washington, D.C. Judge Haywood Gilliam has granted an… Continue Reading →

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