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The Virginia Senate passes a bill to tackle food deserts

RICHMOND, Va. – A new bill passed unanimously by the Virginia State Senate could open more grocery stores in Virginia's regions. The SB 999, which was approved by the Senate on Monday, is a bipartisan initiative that would create the… Continue Reading →

Wisconsin Assembly ready to pass bill on pre-existing coverage

MADISON, Wis. (Good Medical) – Republican lawmakers announced Tuesday that they would make compromises with new Democratic governor Tony Evers and amend a bill guaranteeing coverage by health insurance of pre-existing conditions in order to protect the public. And prohibit… Continue Reading →

Latest news: Assembly GOP amends bill on pre-existing coverage

MADISON, Wisconsin (Good Medical) – The latest news from the National Assembly on a bill guaranteeing health insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions (all local times): 1:40 p.m. Assembly President Robin Vos said that Republicans would amend a bill that guarantees… Continue Reading →

A Florida bill would ban abortion if a fetal heart rate was detected

A bill tabled by a Florida legislator to ban Abortion if fetal heartbeats are detected, some progressive groups have been roused by a public outcry, according to one advocate, saying that these cases are "among the most extreme" ever recorded… Continue Reading →

Economic control recognized as domestic abuse in the new British bill; offenders may be tested for lie detector

The bill will also prevent abusers from cross-examining their victims in court, introduce new protection orders, and institute a national commissioner for domestic violence cases. It could also force offenders to submit to a mandatory lie detector test upon release… Continue Reading →

Bill Gates: the best investment I've ever made •

Technology is a booming business, but it is mostly in crisis. I have always assumed that 10% of my investments in technology would succeed – and succeed at the huge. The other 90% I'm waiting to fail. When I made… Continue Reading →

Bill and Melinda Gates: Global Health Funds save the youngest in the world – Axios •

Global funds for health play a key role in improving global health: deaths of children under 5 years have fallen by more than 50% over the past two decades, when "The investment is strengthened," said Melinda and Bill Gates at… Continue Reading →

Watch: Most Important Moments of Bill Barrs' Confirmation Hearing • Good Medical

Key Conversations Between William Barr and Senators on the Judiciary Committee give an idea of ​​the potential Attorney General who would serve as a typical Republican in politics, but whose answers raised questions about the extent to which he would… Continue Reading →

Telemedicine Society: North Dakota Bill Limits Services

BISMARCK, N.D. (Good Medical) – A company that provides clinical health care over the phone is opposed to North Dakota legislation limiting telemedicine services. The Bill supported by the North Dakota Medical Council would require patients to go for the… Continue Reading →

California legislator proposes bill to eliminate paper receipts • Good Medical

A California legislator has proposed a bill that would require companies to issue electronic receipts rather than paper receipts. Phil Ting (D), a member of the San Francisco Assembly, introduced the bill titled "Skip the Slip" at a press conference… Continue Reading →

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