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Doctors share a belly card that reveals everything that can hurt the stomach •

Abdominal pain is one of the most common health problems. We all experience it from time to time. There are many different reasons to explain the pain in this area. That is why it is crucial to identify the problem… Continue Reading →

10 exercises to burn belly fat without running •

Belly fat looks ugly, but it's the least of the worries you should have if you have a belly on which you can not rule. Without control, it can manifest itself in other serious diseases and have long-term adverse effects… Continue Reading →

Belly fat can lead to Alzheimer's disease

A new study has revealed another reason to lose this excess belly fat. Your brain may contract, which increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease. The study, conducted at the University of Loughborough in England, found that abdominal fat tissue negatively… Continue Reading →

Wearing extra belly fat has just been associated with a disturbingly "shrinking brain" – ScienceAlert •

With an expanding waistline, a disturbing list of health problems arises. But for some time, the jury has been wondering about how weight gain affects what happens between our ears. A new study suggests that this is not great. Research… Continue Reading →

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