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Rwanda attacks bleaching agents for skin by seizing cosmetics • Good Medical

Skin whitening is a billion dollar industry in predominantly black countries, but some governments want it to change. Rwanda is one of them. Highlighting the harmful effects of chemicals on health, the country launched a crackdown to ban bleaches, especially… Continue Reading →

New York attacks "the biggest measles epidemic" in the state's recent history, as the number of cases increases in the world

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in September, measles has been diagnosed in at least 112 people in Rockland and Orange counties and at least 55 in New York, according to figures released Tuesday by the state health departments and… Continue Reading →

Montana legislature attacks at renewal of Medicaid expansion

Helen, Mt. (Good Medical) – Neither Republicans nor Democrats want Montana to be the first state to end its Medicaid expansion program, but parties have differing views on how it should continue while the 2019 Legislative Assembly begins its session… Continue Reading →

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