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New York adopts law on the right to abortion

The state of New York has put in place strong new legal protections for the right to abortion. The new law, signed Tuesday by Governor Andrew Cuomo, protects the rights enunciated in Roe v. Wade and other court rulings, including… Continue Reading →

House Democrats signal new showdown over abortion rights

this story is from Kaiser Health News. Interested in Democratic Party? Add Democratic Party news, video, and analysis from ABC News. For the first time since the Supreme Court legalized abortion nationwide 1973 Roe c. Wade decision, the House of… Continue Reading →

New York legislators vote to protect the right to abortion

ALBANY, NY – New York State on Tuesday proclaimed one of the country's most stringent protections for the right to abortion, a decision that heads of state believe is necessary to preserve these rights if US Supreme Court overturned Roe… Continue Reading →

A Florida bill would ban abortion if a fetal heart rate was detected

A bill tabled by a Florida legislator to ban Abortion if fetal heartbeats are detected, some progressive groups have been roused by a public outcry, according to one advocate, saying that these cases are "among the most extreme" ever recorded… Continue Reading →

Capitol Watch: Lawmakers set up a measure of the right to abortion OK

ALBANY, NY (Good Medical) – In New York State News, Democrats in the State Senate are wasting no time in using their new power to enact long-stalled bills Republican majority. On Tuesday, the chamber intends to adopt the Reproductive Health… Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood loses big in court; WaPo says the abortion giant is about to "disengage" • Good Medical

Planned Parenthood just lost a lot of money in court – and the Good Medical said that this decision meant that the abortion provider was a "step closer to removing funding". What happened? Nearly two years ago, District Judge Sam… Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood Challenges Wisconsin Abortion Laws

MADISON, Wisconsin (Good Medical) – Family planning in Wisconsin on Wednesday urged a federal judge to repeal state laws making it more difficult for women to abort, especially in rural areas. The lawsuit filed in federal court in Madison targets… Continue Reading →

An Arkansas health official resigns following the vote at an abortion clinic

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (Good Medical) – A member of the Arkansas Board of Health has resigned and voiced concerns about conflict of interest after the panel of experts has reconvened. side of the state health department on a fee matter… Continue Reading →

Latest News: Louisiana says abortion lawsuit should be dismissed

NEW ORLEANS (Good Medical) – The most recent family planning complaint, alleging that Louisiana officials were violating federal law by delaying the processing of the health agency's application to obtain a license to abortion in New Orleans: 14h Officials in… Continue Reading →

Dems refuses to work with Trump on border security, but is simply trying to promote abortion abroad • Good Medical

Democrats in the House refuse to work with President Donald Trump on border security, insisting that not a single dollar of taxpayers should be used to fund the Trump Border Wall Project. The brutal struggle has resulted in a partial… Continue Reading →

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