10 Powerful Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy | What is Stem Cell?

Stem cells have the potential to treat a wide range of diseases. In this video, discover why these cells are such a powerful tool for treating disease.
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How to Know Whether You Have Swine Flu – Top 10 Characteristic Symptoms

The swine flu (also called swine influenza) is caused by one of the several types of swine virus.

The swine flu symptoms do not differ from the traditional symptoms of the regular flu, affecting millions of people, but it is worth mentioning some of the symptoms you have experienced the
sick. If you have these symptoms for 2 days running, it is essential to consult a doctor immediately:

1. High fever, up from 38 and 40 degrees.
2. Pain in muscles.
3. Fatigue, eye pain and headache.
4. Burning and dryness in the throat, recurrent cough.
5. Breathing problems such as rapid breathing.
6. Fatigue and feeling tired appellant body.
7. Loss of appetite.
8. Nasal secretions, such as mucus and fluids from the nose.
9. Diarrhea

It does not differ much from the usual flu symptoms, but diarrhea and vomiting are intensified in the case of swine flu.

What should you do if you think you have influenza A (H1N1)?

o If you feel sick, have high fever, cough or sore throat:
o Stay at home, keep away from work, school or other public places as far as possible.
o Have a rest and drink plenty of water.
o Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, and throw away used tissues.
o Wash hands with soap and water frequently and thoroughly, especially after coughing or sneezing.
o Ask your relatives and friends to help you with housework that require contact with others, such as shopping.

Remember, only medical tests can distinctly define whether you have swine flu.

Elizabeth Taylor Had Genetic Disorder? 10 HIDDEN SECRETS of Elizabeth Taylor

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was and will remain one of the greatest actresses that ever appeared on the movie screen. Dame Elizabeth Taylor, considered as one of the last stars of classical Hollywood cinema as well as one of the first modern celebrities, was a British-American actress, businesswoman and humanitarian. Having started her career as a child actress, she became famous for portraying film roles, that often mirrored her personal life.


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10 Easy Tips to Relieve Muscle Tension Headaches

Most people at one time or another will suffer from a muscle tension headache. Hectic daily schedules, job deadlines to meet, family obligations, poor posture habits and even illness are just some of the stressors for tension headaches.

You may be surprised to know that most muscle tension headaches can be easily treated and prevented without the use of medications. As a matter of fact, it is best not to rely on medications because you are only treating the symptoms of muscle tension headaches and not the underlying cause. These useful tips will help you decrease muscle tension at work and home.

1. Start becoming more aware of your posture at work and at home.

2. Stretch your neck, shoulder and back muscles after you have been sitting or standing for long periods. Especially if you feel a muscle tension headache coming on.

3. When sleeping, make sure your neck is supported by a good pillow and in a “neutral position”. Use a pillow that is designed to support the natural curve of your neck.

4. Make sure your computer monitor sits directly in front of you and the screen is eye level. This will keep the head in a more neutral position which decreases muscle fatigue.

5. Place your keyboard at a position level with your forearms. When your forearms and hands don’t have to reach for the keyboard, they are less likely to fatigue.

6. Get an adjustable chair so you can sit comfortably without having to reach for the floor with your toes. Make sure the chair has adjustable height, arm rests and good low back support.

7. See if there is any way to adjust your work environment to put less stress on your low back, hips, knees, shoulders and neck. Example: Do you have to lean forward all the time to perform a task? Try and raise your work higher so you don’t have to bend as much.

8. No matter what kind of work you do take frequent “mini-stretch” breaks to prevent overuse injuries. These only have to last 1 to 2 minutes and provide an easy way to prevent a muscle tension headache.

9. Exercise to strengthen the postural muscles (neck, shoulders, back and abdominals).

10. Make sure your work area has proper lighting. Having to squint or push your head forward in order to see things increases eye and neck muscle tension.

Migraine Headaches, Top 10 Triggers

In this article I will go over my 30 years plus past experience with Migraines and then get right to the top 10 Migraine Triggers and a source for a cure.


My job involves a lot of driving, however, much of my time is spent on the interstate, and as you know there are a lot of shiny windshields, bumpers, backs of semis, and much more. Every day brought the chance for Migraine Headaches. I loved the outdoors too, but I found myself dreading walking out the door. Even reflections coming in the house was starting to give me problems.

They used to take me down for the day. Then over time my headaches started changing, so did my Migraine Triggers. It got to a point where I was having one twice a week, and they were getting really extreme. More things become Migraine Triggers for me too. Then they switched to the other side of my head, and could return part way through the day.

When they start changing or go from Ocular Migraine to a regular Migraine Headache with pain, you are wise to seek advice from your doctor to investigate the reason for the change. Ocular Migraines can be a real cause for concern under certain conditions.

At this point, life was becoming quite unbearable for me. My quality of life was non-existent. I was turning into a real grump too. Migraine Triggers were waiting everywhere. I could always tell when a Migraine was going to start, my vision would start to go away. I mostly suffered from Ocular Migraines.

I am practically Migraine Headache free now, but anyone who has had a true Migraine Headache knows how miserable one can be. I started having Migraine Headaches when I was a teenager.

Top 10 Migraine Triggers

· Alcoholic Beverages

· Environmental factors

· Foods that contain caffeine , monosodium glutamate, and nitrates

· Glare from chrome, windows, etc.

· Stress

· Hunger can cause Migraines

· Lack of sleep is also a contributing factor

· Medications (over-the-counter and prescription)

· Smells, Perfume, etc.

· Hormonal changes in women.

The main Migraine Triggers for me was as follows; reflections off chrome or windshields, sometimes coffee, Tea, Diesel exhaust, stress was a major one. I found even chocolate was a Migraine Trigger sometimes for me.

Both of my Parents had suffered from migraines till we found a cure. It was quite a relief indeed. I have posted the cure on my website for Migraine Headaches and Migraine Triggers if you are interested in that, it’s at the bottom of my page here.

After I started this routine, I went almost 6 months without having a Migraine Headache, even though all the Triggers were still there. That was really a weird experience. I had a hard time getting my parents onboard.

This may not treat all suffers of Migraine Headaches, and there are a lot more Triggers than what I mentioned here. But it will give you a place to start. One source I found during my research that has a lot of good information on the subject and has some great steps for increasing oxygen in your bloodstream can be found by following the link below that goes to my website where their link is. If I feel a Migraine Headache coming on now, I can usually always prevent it with a simple exercise also. This exercise can even be done while driving down the road. That is real handy when you are in the middle of a road trip, and an Ocular Migraine tries to comes on (Tries mind you!).

They have information to help you Discover An All-Natural Method That Permanently Eliminates Migraine Headaches And Migraine Triggers. I had considered taking some of the prescription ones out of desperation, but they sounded too risky.

One other thing that really got my attention was that you are about 50% more likely to have a stroke after a Migraine. To heck with that! I think avoiding them is the best solution. However, both the Migraine Headache and the raise in risk of stroke are only the symptoms of another problem.