Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue, M.E/CFS & Fibromyaglia Explained

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6 Replies to “Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue, M.E/CFS & Fibromyaglia Explained”

  1. im so glad i found this. thankyou i needed to know this. I have had M.E for about 23yrs. I have been bed ridden for much of it. Im only out and about a little now as they found i was low in iron and am now getting infusions. but your right, I get PEM. uggh got it now as i did push myself just a little but i ate food i shouldnt have that triggers me. Coffee and sugar uggghhh

  2. every day i feel i have the flu, sore eye sockets. lethargic breathing, ill sleep all day and have about 4 hours a day awake before bed again. this is horrible. doctors have only now diagnosed it after a year. they thought i was lazy to start with which made me so angry

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