Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease – Spotting Signs of the Disease

While much is known today about Alzheimer's Disease, there are still many areas of the disease that remain unclear. Questions about the exact role of aging in the disease and why certain family members are more at risk than others remain unanswered. However, one area where we do have a good deal of information is in recognizing the symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease (AD).

This fact has allowed scientists and medical experts to come up with more proactive treatments and is a major factor in trying to slow down the progress of the disease. To ensure that these treatments are effective, it is necessary to be able to spot the symptoms of AD before they become unmanageable.

Forgetting simple everyday things

Everyone experiences some memory loss as they get older, but for someone with AD, the change is very dramatic. From remembering the smallest details to not even knowing what they did that day, this is a clear symptom of this disease.

Mood swings and personality changes

Because they slowly do not recognize the people in their lives anymore, Alzheimer's sufferers can build up a substantial level of distrust. This distrust expresses itself through violent mood swings, depression, or even just a refusal to co-operate in simple tasks.

Unable to express themselves well

Another symptom of AD is when sufferers can not come out with a simple word or sentence while speaking. This is due to the damaged brain cells not being able to recognize what is being discussed leading to the lack of description.

Difficulty with problem-solving and calculations

One of the more memorable signs of the sunset of Alzheimer's is the mysterious inability to deal with everyday math and suma. Someone who previously had no problem keeping track of the household budget now struggles with simple counting.

Inability to make decisions

This is one of the more dangerous symptoms of the disease leaving the sufferer unable to think cohesively. For example, if your roast is the oven was burning the logical thing to do would be turn the oven off and remove the burning roast. Someone suffering with AD could become confused by the situation and be unable to resolve the issue which could become hazardous.

Loss of recognition

If someone is late claiming they could not remember where they were invited to meet you or could not remember the location of the meeting place, this could also be a symptom of Alzheimer's. Familiar people and places cease to be familiar.

Alzheimer's disease is a difficult disease that brings strain and suffering to both patients and their families. Dealing with this debilitating disease can lead to arguments and stress if care and patience are not taken. If you can recognize the symptoms of this disease early enough, you will have a better chance of getting treatment for the patient to ameliorate the disease and education for the caregiver to cope with the situation.

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