Surgery for Migraine Headaches New Option

Numerous specific medications and treatments are in use today to help control or end migraines. Many good medications will stop migraines within a few minutes of taking the medication. Certain other medications need to be taken on a regular basis to control migraines and keep them at bay. Then there are the noninvasive therapies including, aromatherapy, ice packs, massage and magnetic therapy among others.

The latest weapon against migraine is surgery. This is not a new procedure and has been used in facial plastic surgery for some time now. This surgery has only recently been initiated in the US and involves removing the corrugator muscle found above the eyebrows. The theory is that the surgery eliminates migraines by eliminating the muscle, responsible for negative interaction with nerves around the area creating the migraines. This is an extremely drastic and radical approach to traditional treatment against debilitating migraines.

The surgery targets the trigger point where migraine headaches usually begin. On eliminating the muscle, the point at which it interacts with surrounding nerves, which creates the debilitating pain and pressure is removed. This procedure does not help all migraines. It will only work for corrugator muscle triggered migraines and the specific nerve group in the head. A screening test must be done to determine if this trigger is the cause and if the patient is a suitable candidate for the surgery.

It is important to understand that though the surgery eliminates the trigger and therefore the pain, it does not remove or cure the root cause of migraines. Although the pain and symptoms are gone the root problem may still exist and might need to be addressed by the patient.

Tumors, high blood pressure, aneurysm, stroke and heart problems are some of the health issues linked to migraines. Whether the patient decides to pursue surgery or not, there should be close consultation with one’s doctor for determining the cause of the migraine.

The migraine surgery is a great help and relief to many migraine sufferers. All patients must research and study the consequence of the surgical procedure. Surgery is an extremely invasive procedure and is best avoided if not necessary. The risk reward factor is in full affect as with the surgery a person’s life may be greatly improved outweighing any risks of the procedure.

It is a good idea to discuss all treatment choices with your doctor before making any decisions regarding surgery.

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