Supplements Fight Mononucleosis and Prevent Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Following the release of findings that infectious mononucleosis increases the risk and occurrence of chronic fatigue syndrome, Gene-Eden has stepped up its promotion of its antiviral product, designed specifically to fight diseases such as mononucleosis and build the immune system to prevent the development of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Gene-Eden was inspired by Dr. Hanan Polansky’s findings regarding the relationship between latent viruses and chronic diseases. The supplement itself is made up of the antiviral ingredients of Green Tea Extract, Quercetin, Licorice Extract, Cinnamon Extract, and Selenium – all scientifically proven to have disease-fighting properties.

There is no known cure for CFS. This is why the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) writes on its website that “Nutritional supplements and vitamins are frequently used by people with CFS for symptom relief.” Gene-Eden is a supplement used for just this purpose. The reason for the growing demand for Gene-Eden, and its unique appeal to both patients and physicians, is the targeting of the latent viruses in the patient’s system, rather than the symptoms. By targeting the cause of the disease, Gene-Eden offers a much better chance for a long lasting recovery.

In general, mononucleosis and CFS are problematic viruses as there is a risk of misdiagnosis owing to their cold and flu-like symptoms that are so similar to that of other diseases that often, doctors don’t give it them the right attention, even though early detection and treatment are so vital for a full recovery.

Researchers have found that teenagers and teenage girls specifically, are more prone to mononucleosis followed by CFS. However, the disease is not exclusive to this sect and anyone may be at risk. Continual use of a good health supplement like Gene-Eden helps to protect your body against contraction of the disease; or, for those already suffering from the illness; the supplement helps to speed up their recovery process. Natural health supplements provides antiviral solution for suffers of or those at risk of disease. Consider trying Gene-Eden today.

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