Stanford’s Dr. Jose Montoya on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Stanford Health Library presents a talk featuring Dr. Jose Montoya, one of the world’s leading specialists on chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). CFS is a disorder which causes extreme fatigue that is unchanged with rest, and interferes with one’s ability to attend to daily activities.

This talk features discussion about CFS and current research regarding diagnosis and treatment, and the possible CFS-infection connection.

Speaker: Jose G. Montoya, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases.

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20 Replies to “Stanford’s Dr. Jose Montoya on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”

  1. there are diagnostic tools CFS/Fibro is 'undiagnosed' Ehlers Danlos Syndrome types with Mast Cell Activation Disorder Syncope, POTS, Dysautonomia, Gastropheresis, chiari, stenosis, scoliosis, tethered spinal chords…mri supine is useless sitting/upright only plus in certain types use MRA looks at veins VEDS Vascular in EDS see EDS SUPPORT UK

  2. "CFS is arguable one the most controverted, misunderstood, misperceived fields in medicine today."  … and yet, not a single CFS researcher in the world has ever come back to "Ground Zero" for the syndrome, to find out how it started.
     I know this for a fact.  For I was there.

  3. I have had CFIDs for over 5o years.. In the old days it used to be " it's all in your head".. Now after about 7 positive Herpes Six IGG, and 40 positive for CMV IGG and also Eptein Barr several times.. the latest thing my doctor and a nurse Prac. came up with by polar!!!!!! They don't understand how the brain is affected by these virus's which do cause mood swings. I have inflammation of the brain, all soft tissues and many , many other terrible symptoms that cause a person to loose themselves and become victims of this kind of treatment.. I've had my hair fall out, soars and blisters, terrible acheing like to the bone, couldn't read or put together a paragraph, extreme weakness.. very little fever but alot of bronchitis… Now I am about to go to an Infectious Disease Doctor.. He can treat the CMV and the others if he knows that all these positive titers IGG aren't just past infection!! What can I tell him to convince him that PCR is not the only way to diagnose these viral infections.. I also have a genetic defect for making B-12.. Please help me.. My emotions have been dragged through the mud besides copeing with this illness.. Oh yes, I have had an altimers type getting lost which was tempory in the past…. Thanks, Nila S. Williams.. I sent Dr. M. a letter about 2 years ago for an appointment.. Was I put on the list??????XX

  4. I'm being seen in his clinic. My fatigue set in when I was 24. Or at least that's when I couldn't deny it anymore.

  5. dr montoya is a gentleman and a true hero to me. he is very respectful of patients and this illness. i admire him greatly. please support his research if you can

  6. I have this illness. The hardest part is the psychologically so hard and makes healing potential less. I want to know if you have a medical doctor familiar with this in Santa Rosa Ca.

  7. I meant that the fact that others, mostly our support system do not believe this is a physiological problem. Many make it a psychological illness and also it is really so hard because I don't think I can get disability with this illness. and i feel incapable of that fight . I wonder how this virus can be spread. How did i get it? I understand i was in an area where there was a pretty large original out break. I worry about my family and loved ones for this.

  8. I was in the hospital with nerve pain that was exactly like herpies zoster. without the rash although a kind of skin breakout did happen because i was at the Emergency for hours before they would treat me. It looked like goose bumps from being cold all over my legs and some on my groin. So it has some big similarities with the herpies virus.

  9. My fatigue and related illnesses set in when I was 33. It has been a challenging 20 years, Thank you Dr. Montoya.

  10. I think  "CFS" is caused by  … age,being worn out,lack of nutrients,toxins,lack of interests,stress,boredom,inactivity,anger,bad sleeping,negative thinking,and.. "having to do everything , business,etc,etc  due to things being so horrifically eschew today !! I won't even get into "jobs" "housing prices" "everything prices"  Now.. I bet i'm branded "bad" now for saying this !! that's my favorite part

  11. I have also had these symtoms for aprox 23 yrs, and have found myself unable to function as the yrs go on. I have one Doctor who believes and is trying to help me but is not sure how. Thank you for yor video, it was wonderful

  12. I'm 33 and suffering for 2 years. My arms and legs throb so bad! 😢 Haven't had a diagnosis. I was being treated for Cushing's disease, but they told me my Cushing's wasn't there long enough to cause this disabling fatigue and pain. Actually, I was fine for a number of years after I recovered from the Cushing's. I'm not in medication or anything of the sort. Endo said there's no explanation. The fatigue literally started from one day to the next. I remember it as clearly as I can, even with my brain fog. It deteriorated and left me bed bound for 9 months. On its own it started to lift with some forced exercise, but now, for absolutely no reason or change in activity the fatigue is crippling me again. It feels like I'm dying. Literally feels like death. It's hard to take a satisfying breath. I actually have normal low blood pressure 85/59 on my worst days and they keep telling me that must be normal for me. NO IT IS NOT! Don't you see that I can barely sit up?! Don't you see that I'm in severe pain and can't even make a coherent sentence?! Don't you hear me telling you I'm in pain?!! You're going to kill me, but not before I kill myself because I don't know how much longer of this I can take.

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