Springfield Family To Host Benefit For Son With Rare Genetic Disorder

SPRINGFIELD, NJ — It was in May 2016 when the Weissberg family of Springfield learned their son Holden was diagnosed with Dup15q, a rare genetic disorder.

Most children with this diagnosis have too many chromosomes, which impacts them in a broad range of ways including: Having autism, developmental delays, being completely nonverbal, having seizures, not being able to walk and cognitive impairment.

Holden has autism and developmental delays. It took him almost three years to be able to walk. He is non-verbal at the age of 3 and ½ and has not experienced any seizures yet.

A total of 60 percent of children diagnosed experience at least one seizure. And the oldest living person with Dup15q is 40 years old, but only functions as a 6- or 7-year-old.

It was a dark time for the family for awhile but they have turned the bad news into something positive by helping to find a cure for Dup15q. A fundraiser will be held on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Chisholm Community Center, 100 Springfield Ave., Springfield.

“Right now our primary goal is that not many people know about Dup15q so we are hoping through this we can raise money and awareness” Karen Weissberg, Holden’s mom said. “We know in the future we will be dealing with an adult disabled child, but right now we are just trying to live in the moment.”

This fundraiser is the second time Weissberg has held it. The first year she was able to raise $10,000. She is hoping to exceed that amount this year.

The fundraiser will include a tricky tray and a boot camp class with a free baby sitter. It’s $15 to participate in the class, $5 to enter the event and children younger than 5 are free.

Weissberg noted how blessed they were for the Springfield community to pull around their family. Husband Marc, Karen, Holden and their oldest son Reid are very grateful for the support.

“We are very, very blessed living in Springfield,” Weissberg said. “We have had amazing support from the entire town with businesses donating and supporting as well.”

If you can’t make it to the event you can still participate in the tricky tray or donate. For more information, to participate in the tricky tray or to donate CLICK HERE.

(Images via Karen Weissberg)

Photo 1 – Holden Weissberg

Photo 2 – Weissberg family – Marc, Karen, Holden and Reid.

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Originally published September 15, 2017.

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