Risk Factors of Chronic Bronchitis

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Chronic bronchitis is defined as the abnormal swelling of the airways or bronchi in the upper part of the respiratory system in addition to the overproduction of an abnormally high quantity of mucus. The presence of elevated mucus leads to coughing and expectoration in a majority of individuals with this disorder. The coughing is usually seen at dawn right after rising from bed, and is commonly referred to as ‘smokers cough’. A lot of individuals regularly suffer from some sort of breathing trouble,such as shortness of air or labored breathing. Many distinct triggers can contribute to someone developing chronic bronchitis, and the particular trigger may possibly be different depending on the person involved. Some of the various risk factors that can trigger this condition are as follows:

Cigarette Smoking

Smoking cigarettes is the number one risk factor and is a part of over 90% of all documented cases of this disease. People who at present battle with this condition and continue to smoke must stop smoking or otherwise risk experiencing further difficulties. Examples of these difficulties include pneumonia, emphysema, as well as lung infection. Lung infection is notably hard to care for because of an elevated level of mucus in the upper respiratory system. The mucus causes the area to be moist and warm, thus making it a breeding ground for infectious bacteria.

Weak Resistance To Disease

People suffering from a compromised resistance to disease are deemed to have a higher risk for contracting chronic bronchitis. This includes the old, young, sick, as well as those individuals who are suffering from immunity disorders. If you have a weak resistance to illness and are consequently worried about this condition, it is recommended that you talk with a competent doctor about the different medications and treatments that may protect you from respiratory diseases.

Prolonged Exposure to Lung Irritants

People who are exposed to lung irritants while at work have a higher susceptibility for getting chronic bronchitis. The most known jobs that comprise these risks are coal workers, welders, construction workers, as well as people who primarily work in chemical labs. Dust is also known to be an irritant of the lungs and must be stayed away from.

Recurrent Infections in the Respiratory System

People who experience persistent respiratory infections have an elevated risk of getting chronic bronchitis. These frequent respiratory problems create difficulties in the entire upper respiratory system, and may possibly cause the patient’s body tosecrete a thicker than normal mucus. If you are battling with persistent infections involving the respiratory system you are advised to inquire about your options for medical care with a competent doctor.

Frequent Exposure to Air Pollution

People who are regularly exposed to large quantities of air pollutants are particularly more vulnerable to chronic bronchitis. Air pollution is considered an irritant, so you must limit being exposed to polluted air consisting of chemicals, dust or smoke so as to prevent contracting this horrible and dangerous condition.

Patients With Acid Reflux

People who are suffering from acid reflux are at a higher risk for developing chronic bronchitis. The acid reflux consumes the bronchi or airways in your body, and triggers your body to create increased levels of mucus. An individual’s airways can further be inflamed due to being exposed to their gases.

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