Relieve Headaches With EFT

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There is nothing worse than a headache in the workday. The pounding appeals any chance to have a logical thought or to stay focused in a meeting. It is a challenge to finish a phone conversation or complete the project facing you. Luckily, there is a simple tool that you can easily learn to relieve stress and tension.

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is an amazing tool discovered by Gary Craig. It is a procedure that is simple to learn and many of my clients need just one session to empower themselves to use it regularly. By tapping on certain energy points of the body, the energy is balanced and pain and dis-ease is often relieved.

Recently I had the chance to flex my EFT muscles with my husband, a computer engineer who is a very logical person and uncertain when it comes to alternative healing techniques. I called him at work one morning to see how he was. He said he had a really bad headache which was only getting worse. I offered to try the EFT over the phone, saying all he had to do was tap a meridian point on his hand. He reluctantly agreed, since the head appeared to be mounting. When asked, he rated the pain at about a 7 and climbing.

I find the EFT extremely effective over the phone and so we tapped on particular points of his body as we spoke.

After one round of tapping with my husband, there was no difference. This is where the "Emotional" aspect of EFT walks in. So often, so many of our physical ailments have to do with an emotion we are currently feeling. I knew there must be an emotion causing his headache, so I asked him how work was going. "Oh, it's very overwhelming right now. We have a huge project due at the end of the month and there's just so much to do." I suggested we try EFT again, this time tapping and thinking on the overwhelming feelings.

After one round, I asked him how he was feeling. I heard a chuckle of disbelief on the phone. "I can not believe it." My headache pain is about a 4. " I offered to do more and after two more rounds, his head was at a 0.

The power of this technique is thrilling for me, a healer who wants to effectively help people. I'm humble to have stumbled into this healing tool and grateful to integrate it into my healing practice.

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