Racial Discussion Fatigue Syndrome #RDFS

Times are hard, and some people are really dumb. But you’re not alone.
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The racial climate (sidenote: what a weird term) isn’t always so great in America, and with the past two years being some of the bloodiest post civil-rights-era, you have to learn to take care of yourself and not lose your mind.

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44 Replies to “Racial Discussion Fatigue Syndrome #RDFS”

  1. Great video! I wish I found your channel sooner.

    Unrelated, but at about 1:20, I was mesmerized by your lipstick! What shade is it? :)

  2. +Smoothiefreak


    Racism isn't just an institutional problem. That's one definition of racism, yes, and it is a major problem throughout the world. But don't deny that people who are black, Asian, or any other so-called race can be racist against white people, too. I found that section of your video to be really awful. Just because a white person can't experience institutional level racism in North America the way a black person can, doesn't mean that they will never experience day-to-day racism on an interpersonal level, and it doesn't mean that their biggest problem in life is having someone forget to say "bless you" when they sneeze. That was the most self-righteous, condescending thing in your video – dare I say, it was racist. Not institutional racism by any means, but it was revealing a discriminatory race-based opinion. It weakened what you were saying in the rest of your video. Because everything else you said was great – it was biting humour, revealing the still-prevalent racial divide in the Western world for all the ignorant white people who think we've somehow evolved beyond that because there's a black President.

  3. ppl need to do 2 things.  1. stop thinking you have all the answers  2. admit we are all born biased/prejudice and then we can be honest and work to be better ppl

  4. I've had this for years…. Never knew there was a name for it. Pulling out my moisturizer right now. Smooth ageless skin here I come!

  5. @Smoothiefreak….thank you for diagnosing this ailment and suggesting possible treatments….. Now I finally know what has been wrong with me and how I can treat it thank you so much😃😀👍👊✊💯

  6. Good advice. While wanting to educate ppl u have to be mindful of ur own well- being and understand that some ppl are just… Idiots. It's one thing to have difference of opinion but sometimes ppl will be talking some real crap n cannot properly defend their stance. Anyway ur skin n hair ah gwaan wit' bare tings. Lol U look really good.

  7. This is the best. I had to take a break recently from the onslaught of negativity and ignorance I've been witnessing regarding the BLM movement. Now I know why.

  8. Akilah is the smooth talking, provocative but sound friend everyone should have. ^_^ Now if you'll excuse me, I have some moisturizing to be-a-doing.

  9. Today everyone in my English class was trying to argue with me about transracial stuff and Rachel whatever the fuck her name is an their only point was "HOW COME YOU CAN BE TRANSGENDER BUT YOU CANT BE TRANSRACE" I was just like about walk out of the classroom

  10. No words can describe how much I LOVE this post! Now that I have a diagnosis and some new treatment options, I can finally return back to my normal self. Super funny video.

  11. +Amita Bath I I'm pretty sure you suffering from, I-Have-Nothing-Better-To-Do-Then-Go- On-Someones-Youtube-Channel-&Spread-My-Hate-Because-Secretly-I-Am-Insecure-&-LacK- the-Maturity-to-Understand-Another-Persons-Perspective That- Is- Different-Than- My-Own-Experience-,So-Instead-Of-Being-A-Grown-Up&-Avoiding "stupid-shit-like-this-on-the-internet…" I-Actively-Seek-These- Channels- That- Discuss- Topics- That-Are- Too-Real-For-Me-To-Ever-Digest-B.S.syndrome. aka Trolling aka I-Need-TO-Try&-Troll-Someone- To-Feel-Relevant…Syndrome.

  12. this is an excuse for becoming lazy.
    i've been dealing with gun control advocates for at least five years now, and i still have no "discussion fatigue syndrome" (yes, i realize this is a video on "racial discussion fatigue syndrome", but it is entirely the same concept, because "times are hard, and some people are really dumb.")
    i repeat many things i have said before to explain to others, because not enough people can think for themselves, and i must educate them, which is exactly what yall are doing. respectable since a lot of them (both on race and gun control) are very ignorant, and refuse to listen often times! but i don't get fatigued from it. every morning when i wake up, i scroll through the news pertaining to the subject, and educate.
    if you're passionate enough about something, then any kind of discussion fatigue syndrome shouldn't apply to you :)

  13. No, I'm pretty sure most people describing themselves as having "Racial Fatigue," is because of people like you parading around with racial ESP. You just assume that the other person is bigoted and doesn't have emotional intelligence when stating facts. It's a fact that the leading cause of death for young black men in this country is being killed by OTHER BLACK MEN (homicide), for white young men it's car accidents. Also, out of all the "races" (dear god I hate talking like this), black Americans have the most abortions. There is literally a self-induced genocide happening right now, here, in the United States. Right?! Although, let's distract from this, and talk about how there is the occasional wrongful death of a youth – always in a sketchy situation. Stealing, charging at cops, wielding knives, and other various crimes. How about follow the law? Is that actually hard? Look, I'm a rational person (lol) and I'm not saying that racism does not exist – what I'm saying is that your missing the forest here and staring at one tree – when the other trees are on fire.

  14. Lmao yeah, yeah. We bring up black on black crime to argue that white people have free fucking reign to slaughter black people with impunity. That's exactly what's happening. Great call. It's definitely not an argument of triage or poor prioritization or anything.

    Look, if you're constantly talking about the importance of preventing human death by emus, most people would find it totally reasonable for me to alert you to the fact that deer kill far more people than emus.

    Now, the guy banging his anti emu drum isn't explicitly wrong in his message. Death by emu most assuredly sucks, but it's also not an issue that warrants anywhere near as much attention as he's giving it. Emus represent a negligible threat to humankind. And if we let enough people pound that anti emu drum, eventually we're going to get a population walking around on incessant fucking high-emu alert and totally blind to all of the real hazards that threaten their existence. And that shit is a real problem caused by people who ostensibly have only the best of intentions. 

  15. In other words you can't defend your views and dismiss anyone that disagrees with you as a troll or accuse them of hate speech.

  16. Anyone else get distracted from having a massive crush on her? She always makes great points but I honestly can't focus… IJS ;)

  17. I know this video is old but I thought transracial meant parents who adopt children of a different race

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