Psoriatic Arthritis during pregnancy – Dr. Rashmi Chaudhary

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory genetic disorder which causes the arthritis as well as the skin lesion. This is called as the psoriatic arthritis. The incidence overall worldwide is about 2 to 3% of population. Of this 2 to 3 % about 50% of the people are pregnant women as well as the woman of the reproductive age group, so importance of psoriatic arthritis in pregnancies that it undergoes the disease course along with the hormonal fluctuation of the body. So about 55% of the patients with psoriatic arthritis will show improvement in the symptoms. About 20% will be stable. Will remain as it was diagnosed before the pregnancy, 23% shows the worsening of the symptoms. Few people will show worsening of the symptoms post-delivery in the post-partum phase, so important is that a women should plan if she is a psoriatic known arthritic patient, she should plan her pregnancy in conjunction with her gynaecologist as well as her obstetrician. She should plan her pregnancy in her remission phase because the common drugs which are used for treating psoriatic arthritis can be used during pregnancy and also they should take high doses of folic acid because these women are further at risk of gestational diabetes, intrauterine growth restriction, hypertension or there can be worsening symptoms. So they should plan the pregnancy only in the remission phase. Normally the treatments used for psoriatic arthritis in pregnancy is the topical treatment with emollients, sometimes steroids are also being used but a women or a lady should be careful about using steroids for chemical application as excessive application of the steroids can cause relief of the symptoms, but its absorption can cause damage to the fetus or harm to the fetus. Sometimes we use the ultraviolet or the UVB phototherapy also for this purpose.

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