Prevent Child Obesity: Tips for Parents

Child obesity has become an international epidemic issue. In order to prevent or eliminate this phenomenon, action should be taken.

Prevention of child obesity is easier to say than done. It should initiate from the parents' education. Prevention should begin from newborn baby during breastfeeding. Parents should identify the suitable nourishment foods for the newborn baby.

Some inherited obesity could not be entirely absent. In this case, parents should concentrate more on self-respect building and the children's emotional issues.

Beside, other prevention action that could be taken is listed below: –

Mental Support – Do not set obese children side. Mentally support the children to overcome the circumstances.

Arrange Time Table for Children's Activities – Arrange daily timetable for TV Program and computer interaction session. Try to reduce active activities and promote physical activities.

Organize Family Program – Organize family program which involve physical movement and exercise. Beside, encourage the child to organize it.

Taking Dinner without TV – Try to eat dinner without watching television program. Eating and watching TV program together may have overeating.

Do not Set Limit on Foods – Parents should not set limit on children's diet unless it is advised by physical health care practitioner.

Help the Children do the Food Decision Making – Involve the children in meal planning. Help the children in food decision-making by highlighting to them that high-fat food is not for daily diet.

Buy Foods Good for Health – While doing the grocery shopping, the parents should shop for foods which are nutritious, low-fat and high fiber. In other words, unhealthy foods which are high fat and low fiber should keep to the minimum.

Good Health is Vital not Weight – Start from young, teach the children to stay in ideal health with healthy foods and adequate exercise. If not sure, get the advice from pediatrician on the suitable feeding and physical exercise during early childhood.

Food Guide Pyramid for Children – Make use of the Food Guide on providing adequate portion of foods to the children. Eat with children as frequent as possible. Parents decide on the foods to offer. Children decide on the quantity to eat.

Join Forces with School – Do not fight the child obesity by yourself. Join forces with the school. Work with the school to ensure children are having nutrition foods and adequate exercise to attain healthy fitness level.

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