POWERFUL Migraine Headache Relief – REALLY WORKS | Delta Binaural Beats

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This audio uses soothing, high amplitude sub-delta waves to provide much needed relief from headache and migraine pain.

You can choose between binaural beats or isochronic tones to cater to your own individual preference…

Binaural Head Masage – 00:00 — 0.3hz to 0.1hz
Isochronic Tone, Central focused – 17:00 — 0.6hz to 0.2hz

I recommend experimenting with the volume to discover which level has the most positive effect. It may also help to lie down with your eyes closed.


These audios are not intended to be used as a replacement for the care or advice of your physician. If you believe you have a medical issue please consult your health care provider.

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29 Replies to “POWERFUL Migraine Headache Relief – REALLY WORKS | Delta Binaural Beats”

  1. Wow this is actually working, stick with it, 10 minutes in and I feel the effects, headphones 50% volume, youtube player 100% volume so not too loud not too quiet, just right. =) bless you all with headaches and hope this helps you too :)

  2. My Goddess Orla the almighty brought me here, she is the essence of my love, the truth, the light, the way, i am alpha she is omega, together we are serving the universe with a platter of exotic fruits, as monkeys take a bite, we rejoice in the fruits of our loom, treads and vibrations, intertwined, and resonate with one, from starting this video up to 15:26 the message above was written in front of my eyes, as my eyes are closed, i could see each word vibrating into a sentence, this video in my opinion has been sent from God.

  3. It's all in your head. When something says it helps migraines, you automatically think it will help, so when you listen to it, it feels as if it's working. I think the word to describe that is psychological.

  4. it's… I think it's working… my head has been killing me for three days, and this is helping! I could cry right now. I love you guys!

  5. I have tried several within the past 10 minutes, and right away they made my head throb even more! This one is definitely soothing, and I'm already feeling relief. Thank you!

  6. it really helped my headache Alot, but it makes me nauseous too, didn't feel that beforehand, and I took the headphones out and my nauseas relieved. sucks, helps my headache so much.

  7. I have chronic migraines and this is one of the first things to actually help me. I was worried I'd have to go to the ER again but this has helped so much! thank you for making this

  8. Thanks a minute and 30 seconds was just what I needed. On an unrelated note, I hate legend of Zelda: link to the past. It's fricking bullsh*t

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