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  1. I had a spinal headache with both epidurals (2 births). Is there any anatomical reason that I cannot have them successfully or am I just unlucky???

  2. I have had over a dozen spinal taps. From CT-Mylograms to steroid injections to TPI's or Trigger Point Injections and only ONCE did the hole not close BUT it was HORRIBLE!!! The spinal headache lasted for, well I was able (barely) to last about four days before it was just to much. The Dr. explained the process to me and I was soooo looking forward to getting it over with and not being sick anymore. They did tell me that I would feel quite a bit of pressure when they were injecting the blood for the patch into my back at the leak site. This is where my issue with this procedure was centered. When he said I would feel some pressure I had no idea how much pressure there would be. It was EXCRUCIATING!!! I could not walk for 4 hours!! It literally felt like a small car had been placed on my lower back and the pain was instantaneous! It was quite horrible! BUT, silver lining and all, it DID work!!! ALL of my symptoms were gone almost immediately! So other than it being one of the most painful experiences EVER, the process does close the leak and heal the sick!!!

  3. I cane home for leave one Thanksgiving but unfortunately I was sick. My mom thought I had meningitis and the doctors at the er thought so too. They did an LP to test. came up negative. turns out I just had the flu. a couple hours after I got home I laid in my bed for a couple hours. The head ache I had when I got up was far to excruciating to just be the flu. I was stubborn enough to try and get to the bathroom. I puked from the vertigo and passed out 10 feet short. With help from my brothers, I make it back to the hospital. Docs explain to me what happened and what they are going to do. One problem they had was that they couldn't tap they veins in my arms. couldn't find them. So I'm feverish, can't breathe through my nose, on my side with the big ass needle in my back and a nurse jamming another big ass needle in my ankle trying to find a vein there for a blood patch. I've been in a lot of miserable situations. This one was definitely in the top ten.

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