Pica-Pau in English | Hospital | 1 Hour Compilation | Cartoon

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Pica-Pau in English | 1 Hour Compilation | Cartoon
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The Woodpecker Season 1 is an animated television series based on the original drawing of Walter Lantz, produced by Universal Studios Animation of Universal Cartoon Studios Universal Television. It's an updated version of The Woody Woodpecker Show featuring characters from the classic series and some new ones that appear in their own segments.

The New Show of the Woodpecker is the name of a cartoon character of the same name, an anthropomorphic woodpecker (animal with body and human characteristics), who starred in several animated short films produced by Walter Lantz's studio and distributed by Universal Pictures. Although not the first of the "crazy" characters that became popular in the 1940s, the Woodpecker is considered one of the most notable characters of the genre.