Pcos Natural Treatment – Can you Cure Infertility, Acne and Irregular Menstruation?

PCOS has been labeled the hidden epidemic with 1 in 10 women suffering from it. What makes this such a concern too is that it occurs across all races and areas around the world so is not linked to any particular regional problem. With symptoms associated with infertility, miscarriage, acne and irregular menstrual cycles this is of concern to a wide range of women especially those looking to conceive. While some advocate medication there is significant proof that there is a PCOS natural treatment that can essentially cure the symptoms of this condition.

PCOS is caused by an elevated level of male hormones called androgenic hormones, especially testosterone. These are created by the ovaries but the exact cause of this is as yet unknown. Along with infertility and acne, weight gain, ovarian cysts, insulin resistance, strokes and many other problems can occur as a direct result of PCOS which is a frightening statistic for 10% of the world population!

While medication can sometimes control some of these symptoms a whole range of drugs must be taken for every symptom which can lead to some very bad side effects, monetary cost and a growing dependence on these drugs. A natural cure usually starts right from the root cause of these symptoms which is controlling the hormones that play havoc with your body and to target this cause with natural treatments and remedies that usually involve changes of diet, exercise levels, sleep patterns and more. The benefits of a natural cure are that for the most part they are also good for your general health as well! By changing your lifestyle you can be free of PCOS as well as lead a healthier life increasing your chances of childbirth and reducing the chances of other diseases and conditions.

So before you turn to harsh medication a PCOS natural treatment can be cheaper, better for you and can stop the symptoms of infertility, weight gain and others without unnatural treatments.

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