Parkinson’s Disease – Music Magic

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(Play at max volume) Most patients and a good many doctors think of PD as simply a case of dying brain cells creating a shortage of the chemical dopamine. The treatment is to replace the dopamine. If this view was true, then this video would not be possible. I am in a state described as “off” and experiencing “freezing”. The medicines are not working and my feet stick to the floor. It is a miserable way to be, trust me. Nothing happens to increase dopamine, yet you see the magic of music.

The importance here is that precious research dollars go by the truckload to the simplistic view of this condition when they should be going to new avenues. Dancing is fun, but I would rather have the option to walk.

5 thoughts on “Parkinson’s Disease – Music Magic

  1. illume in essence

    Our work and others with binaural beats can realy help improve neuro-chemical balance.

  2. Pieter Beerepoot

    those explanations arent mutually exclusive are they? The shortage of dopamine still has to have a cause which could involve the systems you mentioned.

  3. speedbag1

    Yes!! behold the power of Rhythm and repetitive movements. You could also hit the speed bag to that song in much the same was as you are dancing! Great video and very inspirational. Keep on Dancin'!

  4. mangabaunger

    Music replaces temporarily the role of basal ganglia (dopaminergic area that act as maestro of the brain and which is malfunctioning in Parkinson's disease). This is the reason for symptoms improvement.

  5. sign2804

    The answer to this mystery is in one region of the brain called basal ganglia. It acts as a maestro.


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