Parkinson Disease Treatment – Medication and Lifestyle Changes

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive one, it is due to disorder of the nervous system. The symptoms of the disease develops slowly, initially there is tremor in one hand. This disorder extends and causes freezing and slow movements of the body parts.

The suffering person generally mumbles and the speech is soft. In ignored cases of Parkinson’s disease it leads to serious complications.

Cause of Parkinson’s disease

The exact cause of the disease is still unknown to medical scientist but there are many other factors which contribute to the disease.

Genetic reasons:

Exposure certain toxins and viruses which may lead to the disease

It is difficult to diagnose Parkinson’s disease early because there is no particular test related to the disease. The symptoms of Parkinson’s can be caused by other manifestations such as neurological disorders, toxins, head trauma. Drugs like chlorpromazine (Thorazine), prochlorperazine (Compazine), metaclopromide (Reglan) can also produce similar symptoms.

The diagnosis is made by drug history and neurological examination.

  • A diagnosis can be arrived at depending on the following :
  • Atleast two or three of the clinical features of Parkinson’s like – tremors, slowing of movements, muscle rigidity, observed.
  • Symptoms appear first on one side of the body.
  • The tremors appears more pronounced when at rest.
  • Improvement observed with Levodopa which is a drug used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

People with Parkinson’s disease need to take utmost care in all aspects of life style.

Eating well balanced nutritious diet. Diet should contain nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, food should be rich in fiber which helps in preventing constipation.

If possible fiber supplement should be taken such as Metamucil and drinking plenty of fluids. In Parkinson’s disease the constipation becomes worse.

People with Parkinson’s disease should walk with care and follow these steps

  • Avoiding moving quickly
  • Try to make the heel fall first while walking
  • Avoiding falls , in Parkinson’s disease there more chances that a person fall.

Parkinson Treatment and Medication:

There is no cure for Parkinson’s disease however if proper medication is taken the disease can be controlled. A person with Parkinson disease needs to bring a change in lifestyle.

Medications can control the symptoms of the disease and person can walk and move with quite ease. Physical therapy is essential as it can help in maintaining muscles of the body, and person feels confident while still suffering with the disease. Some time surgery is recommended by the doctor. The surgery improves the movements.

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