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The best GPS watches to achieve your goals

If crush your first 5Kor train to become the next big triathlete, your goal requires more than the proper nutrition plan, speed endurance and a pair of elite running shoes. This requires data. More specifically, a laptop that can save… Continue Reading →

After adding tax, soda sales dropped at Berkeley

FRIDAY, Feb. 22, 2019 (HealthDay News) – Impose it, and fewer people will buy it. So it's okay with sugarsweet drinks, according to a new study. The Californian city of Berkeley introduced the country's first soft drink tax in 2014,… Continue Reading →

Elizabeth Warrens universal child care plan, explained • Good Medical

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has rolled out a multi-million dollar plan to provide all Americans with affordable child care. Warren envisions a network of child care facilities, subsidized and regulated by the government, for all children too young to attend… Continue Reading →

A student who needs a surgical procedure to save her life will get her medical file

Rebekah L. Sanders Arizona Republic Posted at 8:25 pm EST on February 21, 2019 PHOENIX – Caitlin Secrist, a 21-year-old student prevented from operating a rescue operation, unable to obtain a copy of her medical record, will receive the file… Continue Reading →

The Trump Administration blocks funds intended for planned parents and people who have been subject to abortions

The Trump administration announced Friday that it would ban organizations offering abortion referrals from receiving federal funding for family planning, a step that could eliminate millions of dollars from Planned Parenthood and steer it towards anti-abortion groups based on religion…. Continue Reading →

Measles is back because states offer parents too many ways to avoid vaccines • Good Medical

Across the country, more than 120 people, mostly young children, have been infected with the super-infectious measles virus since January. In New York, the virus has been spreading since September among Orthodox Jews, some of whom reject vaccines for baseless… Continue Reading →

In your own words: mental health on campus

My main philosophy is to learn how to make Tuesday your favorite day of the week, because if you are still waiting for the weekend or Christmas or your graduation, you decide that your happiness is circumstantial and that, therefore,… Continue Reading →

A child dies a day after the flu diagnosis

In a tragic story that makes headlines across the country: a fourth-grade girl from Ohio died just one day after being diagnosed with strep throat and flu. According to a Facebook post from Mason City Schools, Sable Gibson was diagnosed… Continue Reading →

How health care costs us $ 89 billion a year in lost time • Good Medical

Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images Patients are sitting in the waiting room of St. John's Well Child and Family Center in Los Angeles, California, USA on Tuesday, September 24, 2013. Americans spend more time traveling and waiting for health… Continue Reading →

Whole grains could help prevent liver cancer

(Good Medical Health) – According to a new US study, another benefit of a diet containing large amounts of whole grains could be a lower risk of liver cancer. Data analysis of more than 125,000 men and women followed for… Continue Reading →

Opioid OD Quadruple Death, Centered in 8 States

FRIDAY, February 22, 2019 (HealthDay News) – United States opioid overdose A new study shows that the number of deaths has quadrupled in the last two decades and that the highest rates are now observed in eight states in the… Continue Reading →

BTS fans explain how they "loved each other" and how to join the positive mental health program inspired by the K-pop group • Good Medical

The BTS celebrated their Do you like: do you speak the dates of the tour Tuesday, and fans have taken a sweet and authentic approach to celebrate. A new campaign, under the hashtag #ARMYLoveMyself, has inspired fans of the K-pop… Continue Reading →

Influenza season may play a role in deaths from kidney failure

(Good Medical Health) – A new study indicates that when flu-like illness spreads in the community, the mortality rate of dialysis patients increases. According to the authors, serious respiratory infections probably contribute to more than a thousand deaths each year… Continue Reading →

Trump administration comes close to funding the family planning planner

Title X, established in 1970, spends more than $ 250 million annually on birth control and other reproductive health services for about 4 million people. At the center of opponents' concerns about the rule These provisions prohibit health care providers… Continue Reading →

Some conservative lawmakers in the UK warn the prime minister that they are ready to delay the launch of Brexit – Good Medical • •

LONDON (Good Medical) – A group of conservative lawmakers said Friday they warned Prime Minister Theresa May that they were ready to try to delay Britain 's exit from the European Union in order to "get away from it all"…. Continue Reading →

Psychosis can accelerate brain aging

Patients with psychosis experience accelerated aging of the frontoparietal and cingulo-opercular networks of the brain, show new imaging data. The study, which included more than 400 participants, also showed that frontoparietal network efficiency was normal in people with early psychosis,… Continue Reading →

UnitedHealth loses its case against the health business launched by Amazon, Berkshire-Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase

UnitedHealth Group, the health insurance giant, lost its cause Friday to prevent a former leader from working for the new health care company formed by three powerful companies, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase. A federal judge in Boston rejected… Continue Reading →

Bride-to-be would have a 3% chance of surviving a fatal infection •

A 28-year-old woman living in the UK was still celebrating her recent engagement when she landed at the hospital with a deadly infection and apparently would only have a 3% chance of surviving . Victoria Gunstone, who was at one… Continue Reading →

North Dakota First Medical Marijuana Clinic Opens

BISMARCK, ND (Good Medical) – North Dakota's first medical marijuana clinic is set to open next week, following a nearly two-year effort by the health department. of state health to set up a drug distribution system. Acreage Holdings, based in… Continue Reading →

The company may have shed a carcinogen in the air for years

Minneapolis – A Minnesota company has been emitting a carcinogenic chemical for at least ten years. The Water Gremlin manufacturing company is located in the Township of White Bear, north of St. Paul, near several lakes and residential neighborhoods. The… Continue Reading →

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