Obesity in Children – Causes and Prevention

The growing concern for most of the parents is obesity in children. The children tend to put on weight especially girls around the age of 6-8 years. There are various causes for obesity in children. We must take proper care in the diet and eating habits in children. If it is neglected in childhood then it might go beyond control when they grow old.

Most of the children STAY ALONE as their parents go to office for work. The boredom and loneliness make them eat more and more and the child feels secure after eating a chocolate or an ice cream or any of their favorite food.

Lack of work or activity is also another cause for obesity. If the child keep on eating rich food especially rich in carbohydrates and have very little physical activity then he is more likely to put on weight.

Obesity is also HEREDITARY if the parents are over weight or even if one of the parent is overweight then the child is likely to be overweight.

Obesity can be controlled in children if the parents take proper care. The children must not be allowed to take food that is rich in fat or carbohydrates such as sweets, chocolates, etc. They should take in food rich in protein and in proper time.

Long intervals between meals also is a very bad habit. The child tends to overeat as he or she might feel very hungry. So frequent and short meals is strongly advised for children.

A child must take a large bowl of vegetables for lunch and dinner. He must drink plenty of water. He must also eat a seasonal fruit everyday. A cup of pulses, whole wheat, sprouts must be added to his diet.

Proper bowel habits must be taught to the children from a very young age. Teach him to chew the food before swallowing. This regulates the digestive system. The child must be encouraged to participate in sports activity. Lot of playing makes the child healthy and fit.

Your love and affection is what the child needs the most, He is relieved of stress mentally and this makes him to be relaxed and happy. Parents are the role model for all the children. So if we follow regular eating habits the child is forced to follow our footstep.

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