Natural Headache Treatment

– Do you suffer from headaches and wish you could get rid of them without taking medication? In this video, Dr. Mark Wiley will demonstrate easy to do self acupressure to naturally prevent and relieve headaches. Learn about more natural headache treatments here:

24 Replies to “Natural Headache Treatment”

  1. I pressed only three points while watching the video and miraculously my intense pain vanished! Thanks Dr Mark Wiley.

  2. Dident work:( I will have to take Tylenol to get rid of this one. I'll try this tip next time. Hopefully it will work then:)

  3. Its a mental stimulant, there no reason why it will work, but it work because your morality, cures itself, its physiology, This is why it works. 

  4. One IMPORTANT note:  If the point is NOT sensitive or sore, then it's NOT a good point to stimulate… even if it's "supposed" to be effective for a specific ailment.  Our body's TELL us where they need attention and all we need to do is listen.  

  5. Guys, if this works for you, it's all in your head.
    It's literally all in your head.
    Bad pun? ;(
    Anyway, thank you. I'm in the process of having a headache, so obviously this didn't help too much, but I'll definitely keep this in mind for the future.
    In mind.
    I'm terrible, I know . . .

  6. great i am so good i was feeling more headache bofore 20minutes but right know i am good i can take my dinner thank you

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