My Migraine Headache Symptoms – Are They The Same As Yours?

Most people would agree that the migraine if the worst kind of headache there is.. Not only are they exceedingly painful, but they also come with a feeling of sickness and disorientation.. I usually lie down in a darkened room with a wet face cloth over my eyes until the symptoms abate. I have known migraines to even last more than a day at a time.

The migraine headache has been very difficult to cure as migraine symptoms vary so much between different people. To further compound the problem, many sufferers often experience different symptoms each time.I suspect that my own migraines, which mostly happened in Summer were due to rising pollen counts, but I’m still not 100% sure.

I am grateful that my migraine headaches dont seem to happen all year round, but when they do , boy do I suffer.

Many people’s migraine headache symptoms are made much worse by the phenomenon known as the aura.Auras are thought to be a neurological condition that are manifested by flashing lights, blurred vision and in rare cases hallucinations.

I dont usually experience auras with my migraine, but when I do its always above the left eye. Irrespective of my migraine headache symptoms however, is a general feeling of un-wellness meaning that I just cannot function normally.

Its not uncommon for me to feel drained and exhausted for a few days after a serious migraine attack..I can completely sympathise with other migraine sufferers when they complain about their ailment.Although my migraine headache symptoms have been getting progressively less severe of the past few years I still live for the day when I dont waken up with that slow thudding pain behind my eyes that heralds the onset of another miserable day.

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