My First Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms


My first symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome didn’t really get my attention.

But if you have fibromyalgia symptoms or have been suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms for some time, you will probably relate to my first onset CFS symptoms.

The Fibromyalgia symtpom of pain is only one symptom of Fibromyalgia syndrome, just as fatigue and exhaustion are just one symptom of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

But noticing what your first CFS symptoms are, what happened immediately prior to your initial fibromyalgia syndrome symptoms is a big clue to understand the cause of CFS.

Inside this video I share my experience of my first symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome that later developed to include fibromyalgia symptoms.

My message is that it is possible to reverse Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms even though getting over this illness is not necessarily easy.

Feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to respond…

Dan Neuffer

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18 Replies to “My First Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms”

  1. Yes, Dabber422, many of us share a similar experience of how we first got ill as well as how we eventually recover from MECFS or Fibromyalgia, if we are lucky enough to do so.

  2. I also have fatigue, my muscles I didn't work out or anything and they are sore/were sore, when I get up in the morning I kind of feel like im in a daze

  3. i actually don't know if a vaccination caused my cfs but at the end of the day does it matter to know that exactly?

  4. Gosh, I didn't realize that not being able to keep up with friends during a stroll was a symptom. I have not been able to go for a walk, ride a bike or exercise for more than a few minutes without feeling exhausted. I must tell my physician! THANK YOU for sharing your story!

  5. Wrote a Lyme disease brochure with the help of 2 Lyme specialists. Will email a copy to anyone interested. God bless, Elaine

  6. sounds like you may have had mononucleosis which has caused my fibromyalgia shortly after I had mononucleosis my fibromyalgia started up

  7. I'm waiting to see if I have it, been struggling for 17months now, pain in various places, exhausted when I do manage to sleep, numbness, emotional, stressed?

  8. That whole "feeling like you are wearing a lead suit" experience of fatigue is pretty profound…I know it well…

  9. question, do you have problems in the heat or sun like fainting or faint feeling? my feet& hands swell in heat also. even just little sun.

  10. I can't really tell if I have CFS. I feel tired ALL the time. I just want to rest. I get tired easily. Whenever I sleep, I don't wake up fully rested. I've had these symptoms for 6 years now!

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