Mitochondrial Medicine and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This video is about Mitochondrial Medicine and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It includes information on the Synergy Trial for CFS and KPAX 002.

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  1. To clarify, 87% of patients experienced a clinically significant improvement (25% or greater) in their fatigue and concentration disturbances using the combination of low dose methylphenidate (stimulant) and the CFS Nutrient Formula, a broad-spectrum micronutrient, comprised of pharmaceutical grade amino acids, antioxidants, and other mitochondrial cofactors. You can learn more about this protocol if you visit:

  2. dyou resisted giving stimulants to your Chronic fatigue syndrome patients because your a asshole. get that straigh!!

  3. If you would like to view the nutrient formula that was tested and the results of the preliminary trial in ME/CFS, skip to time point 24:00 minutes. The beginning of the webinar provides the rationale for why these particular nutrients we're chosen.

  4. Fascinating presentation. My Master's Thesis was on CFS and a viral origin. I still hold to the theory that CFS/ME is triggered by a viral component, specifically the SV-40, and possibly HELA. Dr., look at what initially led you into this vein of research- HIV/AIDS, a viral syndrome. I believe that what we're seeing is programmed mitochondrial/DNA destruction from a viral vector.

  5. now a year on, how far along in your process are you? when will it be available? I am in the U.K, so I expect it to be many years after/if you make it available

  6. Interesting & exciting. Thank you for actually researching this disease.

    Because the ME/CFS community has been ignored for so long, we are an eager and willing research population (except being house bound).

    Many of us probably don't even care about the results, at this point. We'll try it, if we can get it (afford, talk Dr into, afford, convince idiot at insurance co, afford, etc).


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