Migraine: Reasons, Symptoms, Treatment

Women are ill more often, than men, in the ratio 4:1. Attacks of a migraine appear at teenage and youthful age, in the course of time tend to disappear (men after 45 years, women close to menopause period). There are two basic types of a migraine:

1. The usual migraine also known as a migraine without aura
2. The classical migraine also known as a migraine with aura

In most cases the aura designates the symptoms causing frustration of sight. Other symptoms connected with aura, – frustration of hearing and other feelings, confusion, impellent and mental frustration. The stage of aura usually lasts from 4 to 60 minutes. (i.e. migraines with aura) suffer from a classical migraine approximately 15 % of all patients.

The reasons of a migraine

Symptoms of a migraine are caused by change of blood vessels of a brain, however the reason of occurence is unknown. Approximately 70 % of patients have family predisposition to a migraine. Also occurrence of a migraine is promoted by following factors: stress, a nervous and physical overstrain, food factors (cheese, chocolate, nuts, a fish), alcohol (more often beer and red wine, champagne), the hormonal reasons (perios, reception of contraceptives), sleep (lack or surplus), weather factors (change of weather, change of climatic conditions).

Symptoms of a migraine

In general the migraine is shown by the sharp, accrueing pulsing pain localized in one half of a skull. Other symptoms of a migraine:

* the Raised light sensitivity and to sounds
* Vomiting
* the Nausea
* Drowsiness
* the General weakness
* Infringement of impellent functions
* Infringements of sight (flashes, zigzags, spirals etc).

During migraines shoot the light and sounds around can be intolerably irritating, and movement can hurt. Attacks of a migraine begin suddenly, however in some cases of patients can feel weariness, depression or insuperable bent for sweet.
As the sharp headache can be a symptom of other diseases, it is necessary to address to the doctor if the pain does not weaken during 24 hours and is accompanied by rise in temperature or occurrence rigidity cervical muscles. Also it is necessary to address for medical assistance if the headache is accompanied by unusual symptoms.

Preventive maintenance of a migraine

Some factors can promote occurrence of a migraine, therefore they are recommended to be avoided. The following concern to such factors:

* Stress and depression
* Undereating or famine
* Smoking
* Foodstuff (cheese, chocolate, nuts, a fish, the Chinese meal and bananas)
* Lack or surplus of a dream
* the Drinks containing caffeine (coffee, tea and cola)
* Alcohol, especially red wine
* Reception of contraceptives
* Travel – flights and the frustration of biorhythms connected with them
* Change of a climate and habitual conditions
* Hormonal variations at women (during pregnancy, period or a climax)

Sometimes it’s difficult to define the reasons causing a migraine – frequently it not one factor but their combination. However even the detected trigger can cause only some attacks of a migraine but not all of them. Also, the rist factors are all individual.

Diagnostics of a migraine

For diagnostics of a migraine it is enough to therapist to learn about symptoms and frequency of attacks. Also spend inspection and appoint some analyses.
Also the doctor can advise to keep a diary within 2-3 months to track the scheme of occurrence of attacks. If in a migraine the certain scheme is traced, it specifies action of the certain factors.

Treatment of a migraine

If you feel approach of a migraine, immediately stop all activities, lye down in a dark room where is no street noise, and take a tablet of paracetamol or aspirin. If these measures will appear inefficient, the doctor can appoint other medical products. This medicines are effective if to accept them right at the beginning of an attack, especially if the headache is accompanied by a nausea.
If migraines bother you time or two in a week, the doctor will appoint a medicine for preventive maintenance.
If the migraine arises under action of the certain factor, is better to avoid this factor in the future.

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