Migraine Headaches symptoms & causes

Symptoms of Migraine Headaches

What are you to do when a painful migraine comes on all of a sudden and you are looking for a home migraine remedy that gives immediate relief? Many of us take aspirin or ibuprofen, but this treatment may not be appropriate for everyone. Taking these and other drugs on a consistent can have severe side effects on your system like stomach ulcers and kidney issues. And although other drugs may be available, a lot of them have lots of other frightening complications. A migraine is a severe headache that is intensely painful and can be a condition that is disabling some individuals. Migraines are quite common among the population in general. In the U.S., 18% of females and 6% of males report having had at least one migraine headache during the past year. Migraines affect about 30,000,000 individuals in the US. They may occur at any age, but typically begin between the ages of 10 and forty and may start to lessen after the age of fifty.

Causes of migraine headache

Migraine headaches are very easy causing someone to lose daily function as well as enjoyment of life. Preventing and treating migraine headaches, however, can be done effectively with a wide range of both over the counter and prescription drugs. The exact causes of migraine headaches remain unknown to the medical community, but it is widely held that serotonin levels in the brain play a significant role in the formation of migraine headaches. Common migraine headaches are a more prolonged variation of the problem, and can last for long periods of time. This can be seriously debilitating, and can make daily functioning difficult. Luckily, there are many medications out there that can both reduce pain and help to prevent the onset of migraines. Sleep and plenty of fluids are crucial factors in migraine episode prevention.

Acupuncture for migraine

Acupuncture provides miraculous healing of those awful body pains that antibiotics and medicines otherwise fail to reduce. Whether you are suffering from back pain, arthritis, joint pains, or severe migraine/headache, acupuncture has a whole new world of remedies for your intense suffering. Acupuncture means inserting needles into the skin at precise points to let pent-up energy start flowing within your body. Use Acupuncture for Headaches Acupuncture is an ancient migraine and tension headache treatment used in Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine holds that life energy Qi (pronounced “chee”) flows through the body along pathways or channels called meridians. When the flow of Qi becomes unbalanced and disrupted it causes health problems.

Treatment for migraine

  • Pain-relieving medications: Also known as acute or abortive treatment, these drugs when taken during migraine attacks, can stop the symptoms that have already begun.
  • Preventive medications: These drugs are almost always meant to be taken regularly, on a daily basis, to help reduce the severity or frequency of migraine headaches.
    Pain-relieving medications: These drugs must be taken as soon as the signs or symptoms of a migraine are experienced. Sleeping or resting in a dark room may also help.

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