Migraine Headache Causes And Triggers

When your head starts that pounding that makes you think you are going to die and you have to go into a dark room when it is quiet to try to ease some of the pain. You just want to be able to take something or do something that will help you get rid of this terrible migraine headache. What are migraine headache causes? Actually, it is not sure what causes a migraine headache. It is thought to run in family genetics. Some people are more prone to getting headaches. Not one particular trigger has ever been determined. Some migraine headache causes and triggers are:

o Stress-this has always been a strong migraine cause, as far as people everywhere, stress causes a migraine.

o Food Sensitivity- foods can cause migraines. Some people have gotten migraines from artificial sweeteners, which also have been known to cause fatigue.

o Light- sometimes bright lights or Florissant lights are migraine headaches causes.

o Sound- loud sounds or continued sound can cause migraines.

o Smell-different smells may cause a migraine depending on how sensitive you are to smells.

o Physical Condition- your sleep habits and physical workouts will also affect you and can cause a migraine.

Some people think that a sinus headache is a migraine. While you would swear some of your sinus headaches, felt like migraines many get them confused. Migraines are very intense and can make your feel sick or vomit. Your vision may be affected. You may be sensitive to light, sound or smell. You will not react to medication as well when having a migraine. Medications are not absorbed the same when having a migraine headache due to chemical releases and reactions. Migraine headache causes are not exact. Triggers different from person to person and would depend on other factors to determine what is triggering your migraine.

Is There Help For Migraine Headache Causes

When you are in this much pain, you wonder if there is anything that can make the pain stop. There are medications out there that can help keep your migraine headaches treated and hopefully prevent onsets. You need to see your doctor and talk to him or her about your symptoms and what may be triggering them. You doctor may want to run a couple tests to rule out other conditions. Try to keep calm and seek help.

You can prevent migraines by watching what you do and eat as well as your sleeping habits and if you smoke, everyone knows this is also a major concern for people sentenced to migraine headaches. The migraine causes are not well known most is speculation, although these things seem to be present at the sunset of a migraine.

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