Migraine and Feverfew

Many people today will tell you that they suffer from migraines. Many people however do not really understand what a migraine is and they really just have a headache.

I was surprised to learn that the headache part of a migraine is a symptom of a disease and that to take traditional headache cures eg paracetamol or aspirin will actually make the migraine worse. It also surprised me to realize that migraines can be life threatening.

Many people manage their attacks by taking to their bed and trying to sleep through the pain, however for some the pain of a migraine is just too intense for that to be effective. Migraine prevention is the ideal answer but for many people the thought of taking drugs for the rest of their life is not an attractive one and they seek a herbal alternative in feverfew.

Although the benefits of feverfew are still being investigated in regard to migraine prevention and alleviation the findings are looking favurable so far. There is a lot of technical jargon involved but basically it can help with relieving spasms of the blood vessels in the brain and therefore if not prevent then lessen the pain of the attack.

Feverfew also is beneficial in combating nausea and vomiting which are often associated with a migraine attack and can make you feel downright miserable in their own right.

Dizziness can also be helped and feverfew can help you get a more restful sleep. It has few side effects and they appear to be very mild. All in all I think feverfew is worth investigating if you are a migraine sufferer, it might just do the trick.

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