48 Replies to “Michael J Fox Parkinson’s Disease”

  1. So, I'm assuming that him rocking around so much is because of Parkinson's.
    No, I'm not being stupid, I'm just trying to confirm.

  2. Really selfish and douchey when celebrities start fundraising campaigns after they contract a disease, in hopes it could cure their disease. Get-fucked.

  3. My dad came down with Parkinson's and the disease stripped him of who he was. It slowly just took over and turned this funny, loving, talented man into a shell. I can truly say that I hate, absolutely, this disease. It took my dad and left us with the person it created and the new ways of dealing with him. It robbed us of the last 4 years of his life. When dad passed in 2004, it was a blessing. I cried for his passing and for the relief he had. But, I so want to see this disease wiped out, eradicated, gone. It is an unrelenting thief.

  4. What a shame God bless Michael J Fox. None of us know what's round the corner. I'm 40 and grew up watching his movies Back To The Future trilogy, Doc Hollywood, The Secret To my success, Teen Wolf, The Frighteners, Muhammed Ali also had Parkinson's for 29 years.

  5. My dad suffers this too. I watch him with early onset Parkinson's disease since I was around 15-16, and now I am 24, and he still fight it everyday. It hurts me so much but we try not to be sympathetic towards him. He wants us to treat him normally. I think that's what every Parkinson's disease's patients want.

  6. It really is a shame he still has to live with this. Hopefully one day we'll find a cure.

  7. Go back and watch the last couple of seasons of Spin City he does, at the time he just looked energetic, looking back he's spazzing out constantly. The toothbrush comment was hilarious, love ya Fox.

  8. he had a napoleonic complex because of being vertically challenged. Saying racist things to people to make himself feel better especially during his peak. Karma always comes back to bite you in the butt.

  9. this guy could end up anywhere in his delorean when he enters the year he wants with his shaking hands, look out. It could be 19954, 188342, 3482983, 8392012,19921028. Damn those are not even years anymore.

  10. wow I first I thought he was acting out what his parkisons was like because I heard he took some medication for it that helped a bit but dang I guess not, he's moving a lot almost as if he were moving to a Grove. I hope they find cure fast, him as Marty mcfly was like a big role model to me.

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