Marquis reagent test on specimen presumably Methamphetamine. Harm reduction, always test. Know your

Here a video donated by an unknown source says “check it out it’s bomb compared to the second video” we did not receive the second video so we don’t know if there is a difference in this reagent test. From what little I know this definitely test positive for Methamphetamine however the reagents supposedly only test for if a substance is present or not. To me and I’m not expert and definitely not a Methamphetamine user or consumer in any form or fasion, it seems like the violence of this reaction would led to a finding of more purity than a slower or weaker reaction. Please comment below and let us know what you think. Does a “bomb” product react differently that a cut product. Peace out with harm reduction wished for everyone. When we do receive the second video we will post as long as the video is acceptable.

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