Male Infertility Issues And Cure

Infertility can be defined as inability to conceive after one full year of normal, regular heterosexual heirintercourse without the use of contraception. In other words, it is the inability of a couple to achieve a pregnancy after one year of regular unprotected sexual intercourse, or the inability of the woman to carry a pregnancy to live birth.

Male infertility causes the inability of delivering adequate quantity of normal sperm (low sperm count) to the woman’s vagina which is unable to fertilize the egg. It is the condition that interferes with the male reproductive organ that makes the man less fertile.

But in this issue, we are not referring to female infertility but male. In this case, male infertility can be defined as the disease of male reproductive system which hinders the ability to perform reproductive function or inability to produce normal sperm for fertility. Though conception seems to be simple and natural but its process depends on proper function of many factors which is full of complications.

For a fertile couple that is having regular unprotected sex, the chances of conception in every menstrual cycle is 25% though most couples conceive within one year of unprotected sex. In every marriage that experiences infertility, it is always the woman’s concern while the male is the contributing cause.

Most of the couples with infertility problem have no definite or identifiable cause of t infertility after medical investigation; some have more than one factor that causes their inability to conceive. As you go in details, you will find what these factors are all about and how you should go about it.

In conclusion, infertility should not be just a woman’s concern. It should be seen as a problem that the male is the sole cause, or may be a contributing cause, in any infertile couples.

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