Male Infertility – Is it Important to Avoid Jacuzzis and Hot Tubs?

The testicles are contained in a pouch-like structure called the scrotum. The temperature of the testicles is maintained at one or two degrees lower than normal body temperature (98 degrees Fahrenheit or 36.8 degrees Celsius). When the body is cold the scrotum contracts to hold the testicles closer to the body and conversely when the body is hot the scrotum relaxed to hold the testicles away from the body.

It makes sense then that to maintain the health of your testicles and in turn your sperm you should not allow your testicles to become overheated.

Jacuzzis or hot tubs are now known to cause damage to particularly the immature sperm and if partaken regularly over a long term can in fact cause permanent male infertility.

Overheating of the testicles is also the reason that boxer shorts are recommended as opposed to briefs although a recent study shows there is little difference in the temperature of the testicles no matter what underwear you are wearing.

It is not only jacuzzis that are to be avoided – long hours driving by salesmen or truck drivers, laptops generating heat for hours in your lap, electric blankets left on at night and heated waterbeds are also known to cause problems with sperm production and should be avoided wherever possible if you are trying to conceive a baby.

Sperm take approximately 90 days to reach maturity , so if you are giving up the jacuzzis or moving from a laptop to a PC expect to wait about three months before there is any improvement.

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