Male Infertility – I Want to Be a Father But My Sperm Count is Too Low!

My wife and I had been trying to get pregnant for over a year. We decided to get checked out and they found I was the one with the problem. They said my sperm count was low and I would need treatment. I felt terrible when they told me as I am a proud man and the thought of not being able to get my wife pregnant was very hard for me to deal with. I have to admit she has been fantastic and tells me it will be okay. I do not know how other guys feel when they are given news like this but I feel helpless. The doctors have said if it is genetic there is not a lot they can do. So far they have given me some medication and there has even been talk of surgery. If that does not work they may have to artificially inseminate the sperm into my wife’s eggs. If this fails we may only be left with the option of donor sperm. My wife and I have not had a chance to discuss this possibility but you can imagine the implications it could have on our marriage. Am I a big enough person to give my wife a baby this way? I honestly do not know. I wish there were another way.

What an incredible shock this must have been as many men would feel they have failed in there duty to provide their wife or partner with the thing they most want. A baby. They feel it is an attack on their manhood and may have great difficulty coming to terms with it. As men often feel they cannot display their emotions in order to be strong for their distressed wife or partner they bottle it up till it manifests itself in another way. Biologically men feel the need to be fathers just as much as mothers do so they are just as devastated when they are told their sperm count may be too low. His feelings of guilt and frustration may put a strain on any happy relationship so we need to examine what causes this to happen and how it can be helped.

Oligospermia (low sperm count) can be genetic and caused by medical conditions like infection (chlamydia) and an abnormality called varicocele (a varicose vein in the cord that connects to the testicle)

The latest conventional infertility treatment for this is ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) Sperm is injected into the female egg. All this is done in a laboratory and the female is given drugs to help stimulate egg production. Once it is clear the egg has been fertilized it is then injected back into the female uterus. This is a very expensive treatment and only available to those who can afford it

Other factors that have been found to decrease a mans sperm count are

1.) Emotional stress

2.) Obesity

3.) Lack of exercise

4.) Poor diet

5.) Performance pressure

6.) Smoking

7.) Excessive alcohol intake

8.) Exposure to heavy metal

What if it were possible to increase mens’ sperm count in a more natural way. If we look at the list above of all the things that can contribute to this problem we can find some interesting alternatives to those performed at a fertility clinic

Emotional stress can be attributed to the world we are living in. We move faster than we ever have before. There is workplace stress, relationship and financial stress all guaranteed to leave us feeling like a heavy load is on our backs. It attacks our immune system and the first part of our body that feels the impact is the reproductive system. So we need to find ways to counteract the effects. We can

1.) Meditate and do Yoga.

2.) Learn how to breathe deeply so when we can slow down our heart rate and listen to our bodies. Breathing deeply from the diaphragm helps us get in tough with what stress is doing to us. The slower we breathe the calmer we become.

3.) Get regular massage as it stimulates the blood flow aiding in a stronger sperm count and makes you feel relaxed and alive.

4.) Count to 10 before you implode or anybody tries to make you. Turn and walk away.

Obesity is a worldwide epidemic. You would think we had forgotten how to cook as we find the drive through of a fast foods outlet so much easier to, deal with. Instead you need to should increase your daily intake of fruit and vegetables, decrease your intake of sugary foods, trim the fact of all your meat and get an exercise plan together. If you want to make healthy babies then be the same yourself.

A diet that will help increase your sperm count is low on fat and high in protein. Eat vegetables and whole grain bread and keep your coffee intake down. Stay away from spicy foods. Vitamins that are effective include Vitamin E, C, B12 Selenium and zinc arginine Stay off the booze as it can be a performance killer anyway and drink 48 ounces of water every day.

Keep away from heavy metals like lead and arsenic as they have been found to cause infertility in men. A few other tips are not to wear tight underwear and avoid too much heat. Also did you know that guys who are keen cyclists could cause damage to their blood vessels, nerves and the scrotum. Maybe walking might be a better option.

I have saved one of the best for last, as I am a believer in this kind of treatment. Though still a hidden treasure Chinese Acupuncture has been helping men with a low sperm count for thousands of years. This somewhat shunned art by the Western world in favour of drugs, painful procedures and babies being made in laboratories has been around a long time. Reversing infertility permanently has been in place since ancient times. I find this history of healing very gratifying and very believable. No side effects like multiple births here and a chance to get pregnant naturally.

The treatments at fertility clinics are not always successful. In fact fewer than ten percent of women actually get pregnant. Combining all the natural ingredients I have talked about could get your wife pregnant quicker than you think. Imagine your joy and relief when that pregnancy test came back positive. It is very hard when a woman is told she has an infertility problem but I cannot help thinking how soul destroying it must be for a guy.

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