Male Infertility (Getting Pregnant #3)

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32 Replies to “Male Infertility (Getting Pregnant #3)”

  1. Men don't struggle with infertility…fat,ugly,low esteem wives or GFs are the ones struggling with not feeling their life validated without a runt by her side for her to ignore & blame for her lack of achievements or looks!

  2. ha! Thought the same thing. maybe that couple can't get babies because they are both male! I laughed when this lady said men struggle w/ infertility…men struggle with not enough nookie! God's way of dealing with defective people is to lower their chances of spawning! Only my opinion.

  3. This may all be well and good, but I didn't appreciate some random man in the whirlpool at the gym telling me that the hot water wasn't good for "the boys" as he indicated the direction of "his boys" with his index finger.

  4. How can they site a specific percentage for drug use and a definite correlation of environmental toxins to the contribution of infertility but cannot pinpoint the damage that cigarettes cause? Really? Wow.

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  6. My husband doesn't smoke or do drugs and he has a low sperm count. I honestly don't believe smoking lowers sperm count. Back in the day, a large majority of both men and women smoked. If smoking had that big of an affect on fertility, there wouldn't be nearly as many people on this earth as there are today. Just look at the baby boomers. Most of their parents smoked. 

  7. no the infertility is not only the curse of smoking & drinking. The main thing is premature ejaculation of sperm by masturbation. This is the main cause most of the men are affected. Take herbal treatement

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