Male Infertility Azoospermia

Azoospeprmia, microsurgical testicular sperm aspiration and sperm harvesting techniques.

Azoospermia is the absence of sperm in the ejaculate, meaning no sperm are found in the fluid on a routine semen analysis. This is usually a big and unpleasant surprise when a man with this condition finds out that he has no sperm at all and that he, not his female partner is the cause of the couple’s infertility.

The good news is that most men with azoospermia will be able to father their own children. This video shows what azoospermia is and the potential solutions. Visit for more information

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  1. can you provide info on the Microsurgical denervation of the spermatic cord MDMC procedure, for chronic testicular pain? Would you recommend this over an epididymectomy (which seems to be the last resort according to 3 urologists I've visited).

  2. We don't have a video on this procedure. In general, I rarely recommend epididymectomy. I think spermatic cord denervation works well in properly selected patients. It is not possible for me to comment or recommend treatment for you without knowing your history and performing a physical examination. Feel free to call our office for more information, I'd be happy to help you. 800-956-8606

  3. Thanks Doc. I have what my urologist thinks is chronic epididymitis. Symptoms range from aching pain in perinium in my groin all the way up to my lower abs and down my leg, to completely random shooting testicle pain in my right testicle.

    If his diagnosis is correct, could microsurgical denervation be an option for me? Don't wanna live with this pain, as it limits my activiites.

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  5. I would recommend seeing a Male Fertility Specialist to confirm diagnosis. You can contact my office to schedule an appointment if you live in the Southern California area: 800-956-8606

  6. Hello Dr,

    I am willing to come to your office since I am going to do an IVF. I have a non-obstructive azoospermia. Unfortunately, my tests produce in waves. However, most of the time they produce no sperms at all and few times there are few sperms. What do you think of my situation?


  7. Hi dr.
    My husband has had two semen analysis done, both came back with no sperms found. Lab work came back the urologist basically gave us no hope. He was so negative and said he can do nothing for us. He actually told me to find a donor that resembles my husband and laughed. Then he told us to go to tijuana mexico to get a biopsy done and even then we would only have about a 10% chance! We were so angry we stormed out. Please help us -alicia & johnny

  8. Hi Alicia & Johnny,
    I am so sorry to hear about your experience. Many times patients are given incorrect information simply because the doctor is not a Male Fertility Specialist. In cases like yours, you absolutely need a second opinion from a doctor that specializes in this diagnosis. I would be happy to help you. I offer free phone consultations but ultimately I will need to see your husband for a consult. Please contact my office: 800-956-8606

  9. Hello,
    I really cannot offer medical advise like this. Your best bet is to contact my office for an appointment where I can thoroughly review your diagnosis. I'm happy to help you. 800-956-8606

  10. I was told at the age of seventeen by my mother that I could not produce children due to a massive hernia I had as a baby and at age seven. I even had nitemares about the bloody massacre I saw in my underwear after the surgery up until I was ten. I have wondered for years could the doctor's have been wrong about my situation but fear of finding the truth stayed with me until my ex girlfriend claim she was pregnant by me or someone else, unfortunetly she miscarried and baby could not be tested and we have since broke up. yet I still need closure and wonder if my condition may have improved due to the fact that everything seems normal with quality of semen and coloring which is white and cloudy. I also wonder could I have father her child? I do plan to purchase a micra home sperm kit soon to try seeing for myself if I have living sperm or perhaps I don't due to a blotched hernia surgery. altho I am pushing fifty I have always felt incomplete not having this closure, I know I could have had a semen analysis a long time ago my Medicaid would not cover the cost. even when my mother told me this over thirty years ago it never really sunk in until I almost became a father? Now that I met someone who I may consider marrying I surely would once and for all like to know, I think I am owed this due to a surgery that was out of my control and due to the fact that I have great love for kids and family! Have you heard of hernia causing sterility? please respond asap! thanks.

  11. hi. my partner had bilateral orchipexy at age 12. we are going to get a sperm analysis but do you think it might be possible he creates no sperm..

  12. I fell on a some rails when i was 8 years old i remember as clear as day, I had to go to the children's hospital in London because one of them swelled up to double the size, with Fluids that got extracted with a big needle, yes i remember it too. Now down the line, i have had a Biopsy and they could not find any seamen. I believe this was the cause because in my teens upwards i was quite reckless so and never had any children. Would your system work for me?

  13. we are doing Ivf with a donor the person look like me so it's a case of how you bring your child up with your morals. we will adopt a child as well, I wanted my wife to have that gift of giving birth even if its not my bloodline. I'm now one of a kind.

  14. dear sir can you help me through the right answe?my problem is I have no sperm.I already gone urologist doctor.he told you have sperm but you have if you want to take baby you have to do block operation In india otherwise you have to take testtube baby.I ask do my sperm coming out how can you tell it has block?besides I told him I want to take naturally baby I do not want testtube baby you give me some medicine to remove there are no medicine in the world to remove this block.can you tell me how many percent this information correct?please you tell me.I am waiting for your answer

  15. I had azospermia i.e. zero sperm count (all including dead are zero) LH & FSH levels are high, prolactin and Testosterone are normal. I have low muscles tone. but have well developed beard and moustaches.( comparatively small testicles)
    can any of you help?

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