Male Infertility and Cultures

It still amazes me that we live in the 21st century and yet so many cultures world wide are still so backward. By that, I mean for some people it almost seems like time is standing still because their thinking is the same as it was hundreds of years ago. For instance, when it comes to male infertility many people including men and women from different all parts of the world and different cultures and religious backgrounds to date still automatically blame the woman if the couple cannot get pregnant.

It’s almost as if these people never heard of or subconsciously block out the concept of whole concept male infertility. It’s nothing new, a huge percentage of the men produce less than adequate amount of sperm to impregnate their partner. In fact twenty percent of the men lack something in sperm; whether it semen quantity, sperm motility or sperm quality.

While these people go about their marry way for blaming the females in society for male infertility, they miss out on the opportunity to learn about things which can be done to treat such a condition. There are many different things which can be done to increase male fertility and improve the chances of getting pregnant. I’m not even talking about expensive treatments such as in vitro fertilization, just simple things like supplements containing many of the herbs, vitamins and minerals the body needs to product good high quality sperm.

There are number of supplements on the market today which have made it possible for couples to conceive. Almost all of these supplements are only fraction of the cost of conventional treatments such as in vitro. For less than $100 men can buy some really high quality sperm producing supplements which can help men increase their sperm volume up to 500% making it possible to achieve pregnancy.

I wish I could explain to some of these backward people that just because a woman give birth doesn’t mean that she is automatically the one which is cause of infertility. Perhaps one day with the ever growing reach of internet, my article will make it’s way to these people and the discover ways to deal with and increase male infertility.

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