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The video aims to help the friends and family of ME/CFS (including Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), and Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome) sufferers understand the illness and what their loved ones are going through. To view a clearer, larger version of the video, visit:

28 thoughts on “M.E. / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Sleepydust Video

  1. murp

    Nara. It really is heartening to know that people are trying to understand this awful, awful affliction, because that's what this THING is, an affliction. Keep the spirits up, and keep the faith that there will be some wonder cure available to us all in the near future.

  2. Shirley Ryder

    Thanks for posting this vid. I have had ME myself and know the difficulties surrounding both the illness physically and socially.

  3. RozLong1

    This video also made me cry. I have had ME/CFS for nearly 7 years. It made me feel that there was someone else out there that truly understands. It also brought home to me exactly what I have been through and still live through although slightly improving. This illness should not be flippantly dismissed, it is REAL, we are REAL and this is what we have to manage on a daily basis before we and even look at coping with normal day to day things. I admire anyone living with ME/CFS. X

  4. Rinnist

    Hi, I'm a 20 years old girl from Indonesia.I've been fighting for this illness too and figured it out just now that it is ME. Struggling this plus depression felt like I didn't even Alive/exist. The fog was around, the anxiety…very bothering. two years ago I slept 12 hours a day (night sleep only) and now, with just stay home and try to relax, I sleep 8 to 10 hours. Tried the tapping but I was just to tired to tap my fingers. I didn't know a lot of people getting thru this too. Thx 4 the vid!

  5. Dianne Larsen

    @tdihler I couldn't have said that any better,TY! I'm in Australia .. very hard to get a Dr here to understand.. last one told me he 'didn't believe in FM .. like it was a religion or s'thing! I've been aware of being 'different' since a kid .. always been 'sick' .. always get 'spacialy lost' .. always ache .. get fog attacks .. wake up more tired than before I slept .. get all the 'tummy' stuff .. wake up feeling sick evry day .. hurt all over most days .. & YES, stress makes sit so much worse 

  6. SpauldingTBear

    Thank you. It's hard to explain to outsiders, even family, what it is. This helped where my words cannot.

  7. Teddy Rex

    I have suffered with CFIDS for 6 years. And it still seems to be getting worse. This video, and others like it, help me so much. The one thing that I don't have, and can't seem to find within myself, is hope.

  8. LordofAnnoyence

    Been three years. I've been held back and now my younger sister has more qualifications than me. I still haven't done my GCSE's and i'm coming 18. CFS blows.

  9. Aviv Shapira

    @Lchristyhastings Dear Christy , I'm so identified with your story because I had suffered from CFS for 7 years. I truly understands your situation and your lack of hope. I truly know that the CFS sufferers CAN NOT hold the hope by themselves. Therefore , I keep the hope together with you in my heart, and you should know that IT IS POSSIBLE to recover CFS. I did. This video made me cry , literally , because of what I had been through , and for the sufferers. Christy,I wish you are healed !!!

  10. HamHamSky

    I have a close friend with CFS. I say 'close friend', closer than a friend I'd say. >_>
    I would try and help him more, but he's stubborn and can still do a lot of things himself, he just gets really bad insomnia and exhaustion.
    I live too far away to be able to really lend a hand though. =[ but I wanna learn more about this illness. Thanks for the video!

  11. Valerie Lumley, Soprano

    I am a recovered fibromyalgic who left the care of the medical profession to discover the cause and cure of this horrific condition without drugs, and am living proof you can cure this and take back your life. Symptoms are mistaken for the cause and treatments that help do not cure. Please, do not be discouraged by failed hope and keep going!!!
    Valerie Lumley, Recovered Fibromyalgic and author of
    "Curing Chronic Fibromyalgia – Choosing What Works"

  12. Gemma K

    I have posted this to my Facebook page… it's wierd, I felt really emotional and just cried whilst watching this towards the end… it's wierd that everything I feel, is written down here… it's amazing when someone actually understands. Thank you for making this video.

  13. Jane Farmer

    This video explains what it is like to have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It is one of my favorites because it tells it like it is.

  14. Emily Jane Morgan

    I've had M.E/CFS for 4 years. I've just left a 6th Form that didn't understand,but I'm now at Uni. Its important to find things that make you happy &lift your spirits;this is how I aim to recover from this illness. I don't have that many friends anymore,but you soon realise how special those who stick by you really are. I know what its like to have terrible days. But it's what makes the better days worth remembering.

  15. iluvlaughinghard

    thank you so much this made me tear up i have had it for nearly 8 years and counting i am not even 21. this has ruined my teenage experience lost me friends stopped me from nursing and taken away a lot of my self identity i dont not feel compleate with this illness this is not really me i am so much more – i will be so much more as will u all love to all and a speedy recovery xxx

  16. Debbie Evans

    the waking exhaustion and constant pain are the first giveaway signs, i get so tired and forgetful its not even funny anymore plus the added complication of depression on top oh and the never ending headaches , oh to be well again sigh sigh sigh 

  17. Daytona Paul

    I was diagnosed with both ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia just over a year ago. Watching your video has heloed by me not feeling so alone with this illness. My Doctor gives me 21 pills a day to help control the pain, but offers no sign of a cure. I was a recovery driver for the AA. Now I have difficulty just brushing my teath. Lets work together to push for a cure, It's not in the mind, It's in the body. Thanks again .

  18. rosybunny100

    I sat and cried watching this as it describes this horrific illness and its many sypmtoms and how it makes us feel so accurately. I have been ill with ME for 4 years, I am 37. I am mostly housebound and bedbound. I had to fight for my ill health retirement and my state benefits when I was at my lowest ebb and had no strength to fight. I dont feel anyone who hasnt got this illness trully understands my suffering. Thank you so so much for making this video, I will post it on my facebook page.

  19. MsKrusie

    I've had cfs for the past 15 years, I'm now 50. I was a young energetic mother of three children doing triathlons when I contracted CMV. Watching this video, like others, touched my heart. It also made me realise that I'm not alone. Thank you.

  20. DeltaElite121

    I would give everything I have, all my possessions and everything just to feel okay again. I'm 24 years old and people really don't see how hard it makes even a simple task like studying for school or even hanging up clothes. Everyone says "you look fine" but the only way I can describe it is feeling like you're going to pass out after staying up for 3 days, but you can't actually sleep. You're too tired to sleep. Too tired to eat, and even if you do eat/work out it doesn't feel any better.

  21. Charlie McAuslin

    Hello, i'm Charlie, i'm 15 and my mum is a sufferer from M.E.
    it's not nice to see someone special to you, be in pain, 24/7 and also knowing there is nothing you can do to make her better. My mum has had M.E for 5/6 years now, and she things havent got any easier. Also her friends don't hardly see her.. she feels alone, because i can't always be there for her. Her friends don't understand what she is going through, and honestly…i didnt quite understand either…til i watched this video. 

  22. MyMaxKali

    I pretty much cried through this entire vid. I think i'm in mourning over the things I can't do. I want so badly for the people around me to understand. I can't even find a doctor that knows anything here in Florida. 

  23. Malina

    I cried through the whole thing.. I was really starting to think that I'm crazy before I watched this.. I just want them to understand :'(

  24. 비밀이야

    Thank you for this video. Even though I'm a little better now after having had breast reduction surgery, I can still relate to everything. and it still makes me cry…


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