Low Cost Fallopian Tube Recanalization in India: Cure for Fallopian Tube Blockage

Low cost fallopian tube recanalization in India is providing cure for fallopian tube blockage to women having infertility problems and are not able to conceive. Fallopian tube recanalization is a minimally invasive procedure used to open blocked fallopian tubes in patients with a history of infertility and confirmed proximal tubal occlusion which means the obstruction of a fallopian tube near its juncture / joining with the uterus. Proximal occlusion is diagnosed prior to the procedure via hysterosalpingogram, a fluoroscopic x-ray examination. Indian infertility treatment doctors at medical treatment hospitals of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Goa are abroad trained have a profound surgical expertise and treat their patients well so infertility cases from abroad destinations are now getting forwarded to India for getting a standard quality cure with an outpatient fallopian tube recanalization in India.

Fallopian tube recanalization in India is now being adopted as a major infertility cure procedure by the Indian medical panel of infertility treatment. Fallopian tube recanalization is relatively new reproductive technique used for women having infertility In the procedure of Fallopian tube recanalisation in India an X-ray of the uterus is performed, using a dye. This is carried out with the aid of an advanced X-ray machine called the image intensifier. In patients who demonstrate a tubal block on X-ray, a guide wire or a balloon is passed to the area of tubal blockage & the block is opened up. As concerning success rate of fallopian tube recanalisation about 80 % of women have at least one tube successfully opened. About 20 -30 % achieve pregnancy at the end of 6 months. If the woman still does not achieve pregnancy, she will need to undergo a procedure of in vitro fertilization. This technique is suitable for women in whom there is blockage of tubes due to simple infections. One of the prerequisites of this procedure is that the tubes should be normal in appearance at the time of Laproscopy. Furthermore this can’t be offered to patients in whom there is a blockage at the Fimbrial end of the tube called Hydrosalpinx. It is also unsuccessful in those women who have blocked tubes following tuberculosis of the genitalia.

Now medically sophisticated infertility treatment centers have been opened at Mumbai and Delhi that provide a very less cost fallopian tube recanalization in India to Indian patients as well as medical travelers from foreign countries who face delay in medical appointments.  Fallopian tube recanalization. But it should be remembered that not all women with history of infertility are considered candidates for fallopian tube recanalization. Women suffering from prior pelvic inflammatory disease, tubal or ovarian abscesses and / or other pelvic conditions are suitable for the procedure. The procedure of fallopian recanalization by infertility treatment experts of India are provided with the best medical care facilities. The success rate of fallopian tube recanalization and the pregnancy rate due to fertilization in the lumen of the recanalized tube is upto 75 % and many women having fallopian tube blockages have got benefit with it ending up with getting pregnant successfully. Medical tourism in India provides a cost effective medical travel package consisting of medical visa approval, travel arrangements, timely medical appointment, luxurious medical lodging and holiday travel to the best Indian tourist resorts. Infertility treatment procedures in India provides access to incredible cost savings and world class medical care. Get more info on fallopian tube recanalization in India at http://www.indianmedguru.com or mail your queries at contact@indianmedguru.com

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