Know More About Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation is a condition where it takes an extended period of sexual stimulation for a man to reach sexual climax and be able to release semen from the penis. No definite time has been stated that a man needs to ejaculate, but men with ejaculation problems will take up to 30 minutes or more to ejaculate or even have an orgasm. It is common for men to have this issue from time to time and it may cause stress to you and your partner. Most men, however, have opted to look for Viagra substitutes to help them with the problem.

A man will know that he has a problem with ejaculation if it makes him frustrated or distressed or he has to stop his sexual activity due to fatigue, loss of erection or physical irritation. Some men are not able to ejaculate at all, despite how long the sexual stimulation occurs while others may only ejaculate while they are masturbating.

Delayed ejaculation is divided into two categories which help in diagnosing the underlying cause and prescribing the effective treatment. These categories are:

1. Lifelong vs. acquired– in lifelong, the problem is present from the time the male reaches sexual maturity while in acquired, the problem occurs after a period of the normal sexual function.

2. Generalized vs. situational– in generalized there is no limitation to certain kinds of stimulation and sex partners while in situational it occurs only under certain circumstances.

The causes of delayed ejaculation include medication, chronic health condition, surgeries or psychological problems. To treat delayed ejaculation depends on the treating the underlying cause or taking Viagra substitutes.

When you visit a doctor, it is best to tell him about your symptoms, and he will perform a physical examination so as to make the initial diagnosis. Some more tests such as urine and blood tests will be required if the underlying cause is a health problem. These tests will look for hormonal imbalance or infections. To determine if the cause is physical or psychological, test the reaction of the penis to a vibrator. Counseling may also be done to help alleviate this problem as it encourages open communication and understanding of each other.

Taking herbal supplements is another way that you can use to treat this condition. Herbs have been used for a long time, and they are safe and effective. They contain certain properties which work on raising the testosterone levels in the body which in turn increases the sexual urge.

Delayed ejaculation causes problems and complications such as:

· Low self-esteem, feeling of inadequacy, negativity, and failure.

· Avoiding intimacy due to frustrations.

· Inability to conceive or male infertility

· Decreased sexual pleasure

· Low libido

· Anxiety about sex

· Stress and anxiety

· Can cause conflicts and misunderstanding with your partner.

Delayed ejaculation can be prevented if you embrace a healthy attitude in regard to your sexuality and genitals. Don’t force yourself to have a sexual urge, but let nature take its course. Don’t be anxious, but focus on the pleasure at the moment without worrying if you will ejaculate or not. Letting your partner know will reduce the chances of them being anxious and also it will create a relaxed atmosphere where you get to enjoy yourself whether you ejaculate or not.

It is important to remember that you don’t need to ejaculate or have an orgasm so as to enjoy your sexual activity with your partner or even have a great sex life. Avoid taking Viagra or Viagra substitutes if you can and learn to make enjoy life in other ways, because a happy sex life doesn’t just involve climaxing.

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