70-year-old Raymond Caturia suffered for more than 40 years with progressive and intractable daily headaches. After failing numerous medical and surgical interventions, he experienced prolonged relief of pain for the first time following an IV infusion with ketamine. The decrease in pain was associated with an objective finding of decrease swelling in the face.

In this 32-minute video his wife comments:

“Ketamine is the only thing that makes the pain go away”


  1. Research on these types of drugs are what the world needs today.
    You are doing good work doctor. Please continue doing what your doing.


  2. I have just been through a 7 day continuous Ketamine infusion with an 8 hour magnesium infusion at night. It is the first time that my pain has been down to a 2-3 daily in 10 years. My diagnosis is chronic occipital neuralgia I have an implant over my upper occipital nerves. But the cables moved after the first week, so I don't know whether it would work. I am so grateful for the chance of having the 7 day Kettamin infusion. I had a single 8 hour infusion first but my pain came straight back. My doctor weaned me off most of my addictive drugs while I was in hospital, he believes that they were partly to blame for my rebound headaches. I have been warned already that I will need to go back to have more 7day Kettamin infusions with in 50 days. As the Kettamin will wear off. But I am looking forward to a better life already. I think Kettamin is a wonder drug.

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