Just Say No to the Swine Flu Vaccination

The Swine flu also called the H1N1 flu virus is infecting thousands of people every day. The government has wasted precious time trying to figure out how to combat this disease. They believe that a vaccination is the only answer, but they are fighting amongst them as to whether you need one or two shots. The drug companies, of course, prefer two shots because they can sell twice as much and have a better chance of their vaccine working, but this also doubles your chance of a severe reaction.

There is new evidence that the Swine Flu can be prevented without a vaccination. You can just say NO to the swine flu vaccination.

A vaccination is a substance that stimulates your body's immune system to fight off a virus. The problem with a flu infection is that it is made from a strain of flu that has already been present in the population. A virus is a brain without the body because it is just DNA. Each year a new flu virus appears because the virus mutates. Mutation in a virus is when the DNA in the virus changes so that the bodies immune system does not recognize it and then the virus can invade the body and create the flu. So this years flu vaccine is for last years flu.

Many doctors do not believe in vaccinations because of the risks the vaccines present. The substances that are put in the vaccinations to preserve them make some people very sick.

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