Is Parkinson’s Disease Caused by Pesticides?

A new study on Parkinson’s Disease from UCLA shows a definite link between the disease and toxic pesticide exposure. Thousands of alternative practitioners have been saying this for years, yet it’s unlikely that this is going to change anything in the medical community. This news comes at a time when Michael J. Fox is making headlines with his diagnosis and has a new television show devoted to Parkinson’s Disease awareness.

Michael J. Fox, on a commercial for his show states, “We’re just waiting for a cure.” But by “cure”, I’m sure that he means a drug, surgery or procedure. The fact that there are already treatments that can significantly improve Parkinson’s Disease seems to be beyond Michael J. Fox as well as most of the medical community. The problem is that alternative treatments don’t have a ‘magic bullet’ that will make everything go away with one fell swoop. And that’s what the medical community as well as most sufferers are looking for. Like most disease sufferers, they want a pill, surgery or procedure to get them better quickly.

But that will not address the CAUSE of their symptoms. If your symptoms are CAUSED FROM TOXINS, then the solution is to get rid of the toxins- right? How is a pill, surgery or stem cell transplant going to fix the problem if you don’t get rid of the problem that caused Parkinson’s Disease in the first place? Alternative practitioners, health groups, the organic food movement, the raw food people and many others have been saying this for years and this study confirms it. But the solution is not simple, and those with the disease will have to take some serious responsibility for their health if they want to get better without “waiting for a cure”.

If they choose to do so, then they could seriously alleviate some of their symptoms, delay progression of the disease and possibly even reverse symptoms. It won’t happen overnight and it won’t necessarily be easy, but it absolutely can be done for those who are motivated and willing to take some action.

Some ‘action steps’ that you can do to start the process are:

* Eat only organic foods

* Switch ALL home products to non-toxic alternatives

* Eliminate the most common food allergies

* Exercise vigorously every day within your limitations

* Use sauna therapy to help eliminate toxins

* Actively detoxify using herbs and supplements

* Use bowel cleansing routines to maximize elimination

While conventional medicine is unlikely to embrace or even condone these techniques, they have been practiced for centuries in many cultures around the world in order to gain better health. So, if you want to take your Sinemet and antidepressants and wait for a ‘cure’, you can do that. You will probably have to wait a long time.

OR, you can take the initiative and try some VERY old and VERY safe techniques to get rid of the toxins that have been proven to be causing your problems. Now that you know that you have a choice, which are you going to choose?

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